1UP: Lost Planet 2 Hands-On Preview

Lost Planet 2 is set 10 years after the first Lost Planet, and the insane freezing of the planet has finally melted and revealed jungles, but hasn't completely erased the Akrid menace, the race of giant insectoids that have basically taken over. As a part of a company of soldiers from the NEVEC corporation, it's your job to smoke out the Akrid once again

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ghostface3480d ago

On G4TV,one of the guys they were interviewing, said the game comes out this winter.

lokiroo4203480d ago

Is this that new ps3 game?

Kleptic3480d ago

^^no...Tretton mentioned Lost Planet 2 at the conference yesterday...

the unannounced game for the PS3 is most likely was not discussed in the conference...but Dylan Jobe stated in an interview a few weeks ago that his new studio's (formerly Incognito) next game would be announced at E3...and provided a picture of a Warhawk in space...