Apple Unveils 8-Core Xeon-based Mac Pro

The price may seem high at first glance, but not so much when compared to a similarly-priced Dell Precision.

Apple on Wednesday introduced an 8-core, Intel Xeon-based Mac Pro that won't appeal to people on a tight budget.

Starting a $3,997, the new machine includes two 3.0GHz Quad Core Xeon 5300 series processors with a total of 16 Mbyte of Level 2 cache, and 1.33GHz front side bus. Apple is still offering the Mac Pro with two Dual-Core Intel Xeon 5100 series processors with clock speed options of 2.0GHz, 2.66GHz, or 3.0GHz. The older machine starts at $2,499.

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whengeeksgobad4270d ago

I have the dual core xeon mac pro and the thing is a beast! Not too many of us actually need that much CPU, but its nice to know its out there.

ITR4270d ago

For which games? A handful of FPS?
They have WOW...crap what more do you need.

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