Gear's new gametype to feature respawning

Yesterday, on Epic's official Gears of War forums, Cliffy B decided to shake things up a little. On the forums there has been a lot of discussion about the addition of the new Annex gametype and how it'll end up working. So, in one of the Annex threads, Cliffy B came to the rescue by stirring the speculation pot and simply posting a one word answer to what Annex will include, "::respawning::". Yup, that's all Cliffy posted, but it is one post that could change how we think of Gears as it pertains to Annex.

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gsquad4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

It might be nice if you could choose the amount of respawns on the other games types as well. Like warzone with something small like 3 respawns. I'm looking forward to whatever they are going to do. Free is always welcome.

"Jump in" and "Welcom3 Chang3"

Ps30074269d ago

Seems like they are just reaching for any type of mode now. Deathmatch doesnt belong in Gears what so ever... Mise will just tag, respawn, tag, respawn...

Why even bother with cover.

Funky Town_TX4269d ago

One life per round kinda sucks. I rather have the option. In some shooters it takes a few deaths before I get my killing rhythm. I welcome this mode.

JasonXE4269d ago

A new gameplay type at this stage of gears of war type would not hurt. I wonder what there gonna do about the respawn kills though.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4269d ago

Gears of War will finally be like “WAR” on live now and not so much like small battles. I’m not a fan of current multiplayer modes, I guess I have to much Counterstrike and Unreal tournament in my blood. Now I have to pick it up again to see if its any fun.

power of Green 4269d ago

Its jump-in not welcome change, welcom3 chang3 was a PS3 saying which this thread has nothing to do with the PS3.

gsquad4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

You really don't think that I know the Welcom3 chang3 is a PS3 slogan? Read my past posts. I have been putting this at the bottom for a while now. Why do you ask?

Because I think that people should be gamers FIRST!!!!! If good news comes out about ANY system I welcome it and embrace that opportunity for progress in the gaming industry. Not like some people who only praise good information it when it's for their fan boy system. (whichever one that is)


O and I have both PS3 and X360. Just in case you are wondering. Even more reason for my slogan. Right?

"Jump in" and "Welcom3 Chang3"

power of Green 4269d ago

GoW is is part of the Xbox image as much as Halo anybody coming here does not want to here hippie talk all gamers should unite, do people actually use this logic and reasoning out in public out in the world?. Im going to find a FF or GT thread and i'm going to post JUMP-IN. I'm going to a super center later and i'm going to ask all the consumers to unite as gamers and to forget voicing their disslikes on a non preffered console. lol

gsquad4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

First where in my first post did I put anything negative about this news. For that matter how is a slogan at the end of a statement that just praised the new information have anything to do with how people interact in the real world. Do people actually use this logic and reasoning out in public out in the world, and act nice to others. Yes!!!! It's called respect and tolerance towards others. Something you obviously don't know anything about.

I don't care you go to a FF or GT thread and put "Jump in" as long as you are respectful and put Welcom3 chang3 right beside it. LOL!!

I never said that you shouldn't voice your dislikes or likes on a non referred console. Just, if you want your opinions respected, respect others opinions. Because that's what you want Anyways. Right?

Others to respect your opinion? Yeah you do!!! How do I know this? Because I read one of you other post where you were crying about how you lost all your bubbles. You said that people kill your bubbles because they didn't like something you said about the PS3. LOL!!!!!

Anyways use you last bubble to address me I don't care. Your not going to provoke me. Your comments on this thread makes you a FAN BOY!!!! Anyways I don't have time to talk to little kids!!! LOL!

Any body that starts a "flame" over a little slogan is really sad!

"Jump in" and "Welcom3 Chang3"

P.s. What's really funny, because you keep writing replies I have now put this slogan up three times, all on your precious little thread when I was just happy to say my 2 cents. Then I would have only had it once on the thread. Damn that backfired didn't it. Instead of me taking it down you got two more!!!! LOL!

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