Final Fantasy XIII demo coming this year?

PS3 Fanboy reports: "Final Fantasy XIII is coming. Maybe.

We reported a long time ago that there might be a demo coming out this year for FFXIII: Crazy Latinese Subtitle and estimated its arrival... let's see... after TGS'07 -- the demo itself was scheduled to be completed by E3'07. Apparently EGM had a little blip inside an issue (it may have been the April issue) confirming such a demo heading to the PS-Store. If we're already hearing that, can we expect it sooner? E3 is just around the corner and down a block, so maybe we'll get that demo then, instead? Whatever, keep your ears open."

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CyberSentinel4275d ago

I wonder if the demo will be on 360 or PS3 first?

Bebedora4274d ago

you will buy a PS3 when it comes out or not

shotputking4274d ago

that's a good way to get the ps3 fanboys fired up.
i just hope the game is better than 12... it just seems like they're losing the story telling aspect by eliminating a true main character.

techie4274d ago

You won't be getting Final Fantasy 13 or Versus. Will the 360 get final fantasy again like they did with ff11? Of course. No doubt about it.

BBsin4274d ago

are you talking about cybersentinel or the guy that wrote the article???

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fenderputty4274d ago

I really need me a good FF. I've been craving a good FF for a while now. I need Heavenly Sword too.

lilwingman4274d ago

I just finished XII a couple months ago - which I felt was a phenomenal game - but I'd rather XIII didn't come out this year. I'm still getting over my 115 hour experience with XII, gotta keep my gaming experiences broad.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4274d ago

it`s not gonna happen.
but if it did the demo would probaly need multiple discs.

MikeGdaGod4274d ago

i've never played a FF game ever so i hope the demo comes so.

sony needs to add more demos of games that aren't coming out for a while like they did with Motorstorm when the ps3 was first launched. demos of games that are already released are pointless, if i wanna try it out i can just rent it. they need to add games people are really looking forward to, not crap like Def Jam Icon. that sh!t is wack

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