Sony and Microsoft bosses defend consoles' value propositions

With the battle of the next-gen consoles now fully underway, Sony's Ray Maguire and Microsoft's Neil Thompson have spoken out to defend their products' value propositions - and to criticise the competition.

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Says you4276d ago

Movie while Wii is a Board game and plus the PS3 is a Mercedes so I guess where Sony is going with this. that the PS3 has class and the people who has class is buying the PS3 even though the PS3 is expensive.

SmokeyMcBear4276d ago

well duh...remember kids... the ps3 isn't for poor people

Yo Wassap4276d ago

I guess you can think of it this way:

The PS3 is a Rolls Royce Phantom V; high price, good power and is generally quite reliable.

The 360 is like a Ferrari 360 Modena; reasonably high price, good speed and power but needs servicing all the time.

The Wii is like an Ariel Atom; quick off the mark, average power and top speed and cheap, thrilling and a reliable experience

Everything works out

Yo Wassap4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

Grrr still multiple posting.

JasonXE4276d ago

is say that "We're Mircosoft, and were filthy freaking rich."

BIadestarX4276d ago

I believe Microsoft drop the ball on the price. I guess they don't want to subsidize cost and probably even make a profit on the units.
I will not be spending $180 for this, specially because I think I don't need it. plenty of room on my 20GB.

Now, for those bring the "PS3 is a better option because of this" just remember, this not make it right for Sony to do the same.

It's not right for Microsoft to charge $180 extra for a drive when 20GB is good enough.

It's not right for Sony to charge $??? extra for a blu-ray drive when DVD9 is good enough for games.

Violater4276d ago

In 2 years will DVD9 still be good for games?
How can foresight and progress not be good, the only way i would have a prob with anything these companies are doing or charging is if they were sticking you up with a gun and forcing u to buy their product.
So far they haven't resorted to that, and if they put their price beyond the reach of certain people thats fine too.
Its the same with any product, you will have an economy version and a high end version.
Shooot if i wanted to play games on a high end PC how much would that cost me. Lets be real people u get what you pay for there are no "great deals"

THAMMER14276d ago

It is not fair for you to use a crystal ball. DVD 9 will be fine and you know this man. Blu Ray is only necessary for the PS3 and that is it.

Stop with the garbage. Just look at the game industry out side of the MATRIX Sony has built.

As far as the topic goes I say the bottom line comes down to the games. I would choose the console that is delivering on the games over the console that has it finger in your @ss.

SmokeyMcBear4276d ago

must... resist... can't...
but blue dragon on 3 dvd's
ah sorry sorry, i couldnt help myself. Its called progress people. When DVD came out, it was this huge amount of storage, but it wasn't big enough, then dvd9 came out and solved that problem. Look guys, its only going to get worse, games are going to get bigger and bigger, with more details and higher resolution, customers demand it. Yes there are compression techniques, that work today, but who knows if it will be enough to work tomorrow. Sony just totally bypassed this problem, they said hey guys, you can makes games as big as you want, with as much crap as you want, there's enough space. Movies also, i know Im gonna hear that whole, but this is a gaming console, well not for me, its home entertainment. And 2 years from now, go ahead and buy the newest a greatest xbox and the blue ray player on the market, Im not going to to have to worry about those things

Black Republican4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

will dvd9 be good in 2 years or this gen...
yes, why???

well only because 2 of the 3 consoles still use dvd9,
developers are not just going to forget 2 out of 3 consloles just because the ps3 uses blu ray
most games are all ports, alot games will have its advantages because of the bu ray format on the ps3.

NEXTGEN - i think all consoles will be blu ray because i think blu ray will win the disc format war.
if hddvd wins the consoles will be hddvd, unless sonys trys a new format again lol.

ACTUALLY i think that next gen, the next xbox will be whatever format wins this gen. sony will try some new format again. nintendo might have dvd9 still or go with the format that wins this gen.

Violater4276d ago

that the next console will be using it, what happens to the console that has been using it for years at that point.

3.2 my comment wasn't meant to knock any console, just to spark the thought, games are becoming more and more sophisticated and require more and more space.
I will use an example although I hate to b/c its been done and overdone, MGS4 the first in the series on "current" Gen consoles, has already surpassed what 1 dvd, 2 dvd's?
I am not saying that games on DVD systems will not be great, I am saying they could be more.

As for the method of choosing a console i agree with you choose it for the games, and I add to that, whether the games are out now or u know they are coming soon.
I wont get into a console war here, now will i defend my choice, its my $$ to do with as i please.

Black Republican4276d ago

"And if you agree
that the next console will be using it, what happens to the console that has been using it for years at that point".

Well hmmm I am not 100% sure which you are referring to, so I will talk about both scenarios.

1 - if blue ray wins, the ps3 used and went with the correct format and it was a good invesment. Games will stay the same.
what if hddvd wins? It will still stay the same, the PS3 will still get games on blu-ray, and the games will still be great.

2 - both Xbox360 and Nintendo Wii did not use blue-ray or hddvd. If the next consoles use blu-ray, the x360 and wii will still get games on dvd. If hddvd wins Nintendo wii and X360 still will have games on dvd.

3 - and what about if the PS3 has been using blu-rays for years and if blu-ray is standard next gen for consoles??

Well I guess that means the PS3 set that format standard, and if so well good but systems do that all the time.

Who set the standard this gen??? I know Sony said Next-Gen doesn't start until we say it starts lol


it was the xbox 360 who set the standards and expectations for this gen.
Consoles take ideas, standards, and gameplay from each other and improve/innovate and create their own ideas and standards.

BIadestarX4276d ago

Well said Nasty now, + bubble from me.

techie4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

"I know Sony said Next-Gen doesn't start until we say it starts"

Context. Burnout Revenge was released as "next-gen" on the 360...but the company held out until the PS3 was released to actually start their next-gen engine.

2. Just because the ps3 has released does not mean the next-gen has started...what if they have something up their sleeve. Something none of you are expecting...

3. Do you think they found it easy to get Gears on a DVD9? Do you think they had to cut a sh*t load out to make it fit? DO they have anywhere to go on the next Gears...perhaps...but do they have enough of a way to go?

It's no use saying well they are ok now...and it was ok last generation. Everything is much bigger now...what if games had way higher textures than they do now...ones that can't fit on a dvd9. You have to have somewhere to go? You can't start with using it all up...because if you want to improve over the generation you need to have somewhere to go.

That's all. Basically I think it was a good move. An expensive move, but a good one nonetheless and the advantages will be seen...but of course DVD9 can be made to work in the mean time. I mean most PS2 games were on CD's in the early part of its lifetime...

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Hayabusa 1174276d ago

I've always said, if you want a Blu-Ray player, wireless connectivity, next gen games e.t.c. then the PS3 is the one to get. Personally, I want next gen games and Halo 3.

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