Joystiq: Gran Turismo PSP Hands-on

Joystiq writes:

"It's been a long time coming, but Gran Turismo PSP is finally coming out. Finally re-revealed at the Sony press conference, Gran Turismo is shaping up to be a thoroughly comprehensive experience worthy of the franchise moniker. Our first hands-on with Gran Turismo (on a PSP go) left us impressed, a good thing considering its official release is not too far away: October 1st.

Obviously, the most immediately striking aspect of the game must be its visuals. During the conference, we stated the game looked just as good as GT4 on PS2. Upon closer look on the PSP go, it's clear that the visuals are downgraded a bit. But really, just a bit. Anyone that looks at GT running on the PSP will be impressed that handheld technology has gone so far to create such detailed visuals at 60 fps."

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