E3 Rumour Mill: Forza 3 Playable With Natal

Just because E3 is now well underway doesn't mean the rumours have to stop and IncGamers heard a tantalising story yesterday.

Apparently, the latest version of Forza Motorsport, due out in October this year, has already been played using Microsoft's much-hyped Project Natal motion sensing technology. So IncGamers tracked down the Forza dev team and asked them about the rumour.

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Sonyslave33479d ago

LOL can the eye toy do this wow Natel is the future.

360 owners are in the future play beyond only possible on the xbox 360.

KionicWarlord2223479d ago

This shouldn't be a comparison ... I notice you have been down playing the eye toy alot sense this announce . just end it man .

But any way if it is compatible that would be interesting to "see".

3479d ago
Pennywise3479d ago

I lose brain cells reading the comments on this site.

outlawlife3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

this article does a fantastic job of saying NOTHING

it is probably true, they demoed it to tons of people with burnout paradise so if a game that was out for a year+ can be modified to work with it a game that has yet to be released can obviously work

BadKarmaSutra963479d ago

Give me a break. You'd have 1/10th of the experience driving in an imaginary (natal) car vs a force feedback steering wheel and pedals. Not to mention good luck doing anything that resembles prescision driving using Natal.