E3 09: Quantum Theory Renamed?

Quantum Theory has been renamed and is now known simply as Quantum.

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Godmars2903479d ago

That one's for the Discworld fans :P

Sonyslave33479d ago

what they should of name it Quantum of Sh!t the gameplay videos on GT look like sh!t.

himdeel3478d ago's a much better, even if brief, look at this title.

AKNAA3478d ago

"Quantum of Sh!t the gameplay videos on GT look like sh!t."

This game looks freakin' awesome! whatcha talkin' bout fool! with that remark, its obvious you don't own a ps3, so go back to your gears of war and call that sH1tty since they both appear to look pretty similar in gameplay.
Don't hate. Appreciate.

xino3479d ago

the title is renamed to Quantum.
If it's Quantum Theory, then we'll see Quantum Theory name come up after the trailer.

Also they just released a title header picture for the name.
The same design that came up in the trailer Quantum.

Don't argue about it.

Changing the name to Quantum is completely solid! Before it was called Quantum Theory, a lot of people got it mixed up with Quantum of Solace.

Rich16313478d ago

Yeah I noticed this too when I watched the PSN video on the store the other day. I hadn't been following it to much, but I think it looks pretty cool after seeing the trailer and pics. I like how it is like a Japanese spin of the Gears of War series (<---one of the best games this gen).

FamilyGuy3477d ago

Looks like a complete Gears of War rip-off (visually plus 3rd person shooter) and it's coming from Tecmo as a PS3 Exclusive dec 2010.

The only thing that separates/makes it better(possibly) is the girl partner used like ratchet and clank, prince of persia or Resident Evil 5. She helps you fight, can be used separately/on her own and aids you in combos and puzzle solving.

I gotta say, id be interested if it werent for Unreal Tournament 3 making me think all Gears of War like games are not for me.