The Portable Gamer Review: Star Trek

TPG writes: "It's a common occurrence when a movie comes out - the tie-in, designed to squeeze a few more profit drops from the revenue lemon. Gamers usually revile the tie-in - they're usually produced on low budgets and short development timeframes to make a few bucks out of the suckers who would buy the game just because it was based on that totally awesome movie they saw. That doesn't mean that these games are automatically bad, it's just that gamers walk in with lowered expectations. So begins the tale of the Star Trek game for iPhone. And dare I say, it does live long and prosper."

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supercharger51503481d ago

so doesn't look like it was as good as the movie

wondroushippo3481d ago

Now I might have to actually go see the movie to respond to this. Problem is, I just can't care for the movie, like at all. I don't know why. The game was good, though - and now I really want an iTouch port of Tyrian.

CrAppleton3481d ago

I've heard the movie is awesome.. I wanna see it!

supercharger51503481d ago

what?! yes- GO SEE THE MOVIE!

MaCkTeHkNiFe3481d ago

Looks pretty good, and who doesn't like Achievements?

roblef3481d ago

I gotta say, though, that this is better than the crap that came onto XBLA.

CrAppleton3481d ago

Yeah.. it looks like it.. lol

roblef3481d ago

This game isn't horrible, and has similar gameplay to Siberian Strike, which is getting good reviews. I think this one just gets discounted because it's a tie-in.