E3 09: Mario Galaxy 2 sums up Nintendo's wrongs

What did you think of Nintendo's E3 press conference then? The usual inane blandathon, drenched in the acrid juices of casual lifestyle aspiration? Though so. But at least they gave us a look at the new Mario game. One of those can save any year's line-up, right? Well no. On reflection GamesRadar doesn't think that's the case any more.

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Smacktard3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

I love how Gears of War, Halo, Metroid Prime, Half-Life 2 & episodes, Uncharted, whatever, all do this, but when Mario makes a copy&paste sequel, the crap hits the fan. I think it's someone complaining just so they can complain. The first Mario Galaxy had so many different, varied environments. If the second one also has varied, new, different environments, how could you call this foul?

I heard Reggie say that this is more of a core game than the original Galaxy was... that it's gonna have more challenge. If this is true, I'm looking forward to it more than I originally was.

If you have to pick one thing to show how tired Nintendo seems to have gotten, I'd have picked New Super Mario Bros Wii. No online? So, no option for sharing user-created levels online? Perhaps even no ability to create levels at all? Well, come on.

Xander-RKoS3480d ago

There are just no pleasing some people. The hypocrisy in today's gaming communities and journalism is so ridiculous that it pretty much invalidates everything before it's even written.

ChickeyCantor3480d ago

2 mario games, can't miss these.
Screw the haters. If they are tired of mario sure.
But you will only miss out.

Mahr3480d ago

"The reason the core Mario series is so treasured by hardcore Nintendo fans - and trust us, a lifelong devotee is writing these words right now - is the sheer audacious inventiveness of every entry released so far. From Super Mario Bros. to Galaxy, Nintendo completely maintains the deep core of what makes Mario fun while expanding the wider experience each time. It’s incredibly knowing and clever game design."

Yeah, and before that, there was Mario Sunshine, which was basically Mario 64 with a water hose and less varied level design. If you're a 'lifetime devotee', then either you haven't lived very long or you don't remember that at the time the only new thing that game introduced -- a backpack -- was regarded as a relatively meaningless gimmick.

Maybe you guys would prefer if the Mario series took a page out of the Sonic playbook and released an iteration where they changed the trademark gameplay entirely and had segments where at night Mario turned into a calzone or something.

If it aint broke, don't fix it.

"That type of consumer has the mindset of an entertainment magpie. It will eagerly jump on exciting new fads with wild enthusiasm (see also the iPod), but by nature of that easily-swayed outlook it has a total lack of brand loyalty. As soon as a cooler, newer toy comes along, fad-loving consumers are gone."

People have been saying this about the Wii for how many years now? You understand that a fad by definition is only popular for a short amount of time, right?

"With Microsoft’s amazing Project Natal and Sony’s ultra-responsive Wiimote equivalent on the way, Nintendo may soon regret putting its trust in that market."

Uh, you do realize that even if people stop buying the Wii entirely *right now*, Nintendo has still made more money off of it than the PS2 made for Sony in 8-years?

"Its solution to its possible impending consumer break-up? More token gestures... A gadget that makes the Wiimote work like it was supposed to...The former is too little, too late, given the impending opposition."

Um, impending opposition? Er, correct me if I'm wrong, but the word 'impending' is supposed to convey a feeling of immediacy, not 'some unspecified time-frame that is estimated to be a very far from now.'

Incidentally, how exactly is it 'too late' for something that by most forecasts predates the nearest 'opposition' by over a year?

"It’s just that Nintendo’s current fad is its audience."

So, what, you think that Mario Galaxy 2 isn't going to sell? That's an... interesting philosophy.

Anyway, I like how people act like the Wii is the only thing worth mentioning when discussing Nintendo. See, there's this thing, it's called 'the DS'...