Bungie Hinting At Halo 3 Beta To Come VERY Soon?

The Halo 2 servers were down yesterday, but while they were down, Bungie hinted at the possibility of the Halo 3 beta coming VERY soon

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Funky Town_TX3907d ago

If you go by a 10 year span then very soon is 1 year. I just wish they would be about it instead of talking about it.

JPomper3907d ago

So they upgraded their servers? This really means nothing for the beta. There's plenty of other stuff required to get the beta up and running.

FordGTGuy3907d ago

Doesn't mean its coming out tomorrow or something.

bee24273907d ago

after all the negativity about the "elite" they better come out with it soon to distract people

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The story is too old to be commented.