Analyst: Microsoft Surging Ahead Online

Strategy Analytics games analyst Martin Olausson has predicted a strengthened market position for Xbox 360 following Microsoft's E3 showing.

A series of new online features demonstrate that the platform holder is pulling further ahead of Sony and Nintendo - who mainly announced "more of the same" at E3 – in the online entertainment space, according to the firm.

"With Project Natal, full HD streaming of movies and TV shows, and new social media features, Xbox is ushering in a new era of digital entertainment and continues to put new challenges to its competitors in the battle for online entertainment leadership," said Olausson, who's director of digital media research at Strategy Analytics. "So far these challenges have gone largely unmet and as a result Nintendo and Sony are falling further and further behind in the online entertainment market."

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Sonyslave33483d ago

MS always going to be a step ahead online of Sony&Nintendo.

badkolo3483d ago

I was thinking the same thing, on one hand psn has the upper hand by being free and it works well minus the bells and whistles LIVE gives you but its FREE and thats the key.

on the other hand, even though we pay for LIVE it has the more robust service with unified features across all games and now with what they showed at e3 its leaps ahead of psn and what nintendo offers.

36T3483d ago

Xbox Live will only get better. Only the PS3 fanboy`s on this site refuse to see it, stating that the features are useless and they would rather do without it. Anybody that own's an X360 could see the difference between the two. PSN is a lot better then it was but unfortunately there is a console that makes PSN look inferior by a large margin. At this point i think it's easy to determine which service offers the most to their fan base.

MegaMohsi3483d ago

I agree, you get what you pay for so in those terms PSN has a lot going for it considering it's free. If PSN cost the same as Xbox Live and had the same inferiority, people would have the right to complain.

36T3483d ago

I didn't mention the FREE part because $50/13 months feels free for the service LIVE offers. Unless you're a jobless young gamer that goes to school, fifty dollars is not exactly expensive. Hell, i spend more then that in a week at work on lunch. I`m just happy that some free content is coming like Joy Ride (meh) and with hopefully more to follow.