Final Fantasy VII Returns to Europe This Week

Get ready to return to Midgar. Final Fantasy VII, one of the most beloved and critically acclaimed Role Playing Games of all time, makes a long-awaited return this week, via digital download on the PlayStation Store.

Final Fantasy VII is available on the 4 of June in all PAL countries where the PlayStation Store is available.

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Kurisu3480d ago

But it's tempting to buy this game again!

Lygre3480d ago

I also have the game, but if it's not too expensive I just might download the game tomorrow. Maybe it's smart to wait a bit before downloading it, because the game might have some problems on sertain PS3s since the game originally were on three discs.

If they can bring FF VII which were on three discs to PS Store, then I guess we should see Metal Gear Solid on PS Store in the future. (Unless MGS is out allready and I've missed it).

ptotoy3480d ago

playing through it again after spending 60+ hours back in the day.. back in the day, i thought playing rpg is a matter of beating the game as fast as possible - iwas so frustrated that i was clocking 70+hours in xenogear.. now, it's all about experiencing the story and the sidequests..

Sangria3480d ago

Preparing the wallet !

skatezero2463480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Best Game ever made in my opinion, Nomura don't let me down with Versus 13

@ lygre I think it's being made right now like 7