G4: E3 2009 Press Conference Report Cards

Raymond Padilla Writes:

Now that Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have had their E3 2009 press conferences (and all of us have had time to digest the hours of information delivered), I thought it would be a good idea to take a look back at this year's pressers, analyze them, and assign letter grades. All three companies did some things well and some poorly. Here's one man's opinion on the pressers...or the E3 2009 press conference report card!

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Montreafart3483d ago

The truth.

Sony: A minus
Microsoft: B minus
Nintendo: C plus

kapedkrusader3483d ago

...MS shows a pre-scripted Milo demo of a device that won't be out til AFTER the next E3 and that is better than a ton of exclusives and games that will be out THIS year as well as dominate 2010. Plus Sony's motion controllers look way more immersive (bow+arrow, sword+shield) than jumping in the air throwing kicks and sh!t. Get real.

I did not murder him3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

I'd be surprised if any credible mainstream media would say anything different. I give MSFT an A though. I disagree with the camera and the exclusives remarks.

Xander-RKoS3483d ago

Nintendo lost points for "silly" physical reality. Funny, isn't that what Microsoft and Sony are trying to do right now? Break into physical reality gaming? Oh G4, will you ever not fail?

Gr813483d ago

To me G4tv's E3 coverage was a joke. And their "journalists" are clueless hacks.

zenosaga043483d ago

I think Sony had the best conference

Araceae3483d ago

Well, I disagree with their grades but they aren’t far off from my opinion. I would put SONY ahead of MS, but not by a ton. MS focused too much on multiplatform games in the beginning and the whole “stealing” another SONY franchise thing is lame. They just got another multiplatform game, nothing more. On the other hand the Uncharted 2 and GOD3 demos were amazing. Plus SONY announced 2 new exclusive games from large and popular publishers (Rockstar and SE). Also, if you actually watched the pressers on G4TV you would have noticed how much more enthusiastic the crowd was at the SONY presser. There wasn’t any awkward silences, forced laughter, and forced applause (usually lead by the person on stage). These things were common during the MS presser and to some degree the Nintendo one as well. However, in general I think this E3 was better for all 3 companies. I don’t think anyone did too bad.