Nidzumi E3 2009: First Impressions @ The Ubisoft Keynote

Nidzumi writes: "In what turned out to be one of the most enthusiastic press conferences of the day, Ubisoft had a surprisingly long presser with a few shock announcements. Although, I can't say everyone was left satisfied with the level of detail.

First off we spent way too long on Tween and Fitness games although you have to give Ubisoft their due when it comes to Your Shape. This is a newly announced fitness game that comes with a camera that you'll plug straight into the Wii. The theory is that this will then scan your body shape, figure out a fitness plan and then shout at you when you are doing exercises wrong. In theory it's what Project Natal should be able to do, as they actually referenced at the Ubi event a couple of times."

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