E3: Punch Jump Hands-on: Uncharted 2 Multiplayer

Sony Corp. this week demonstrated the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Multiplayer Beta for the Playstation 3 at the E3 convention in Los Angeles.

The multiplayer beta, which held at least 10 players, ran smoothly and featured a lot of character dexterity to cover, roll, and melee enemies.

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Hellsvacancy3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

But i cant install it - i keep gettin an error code (80029564)

So i deleted it downloaded it again but this tme i didnt do a background download - still failed

I downloaded a demo the other day Z Pinball or summin like that but i didnt install it so i tried that instead and it installed fine - just not Uncharted 2

Has any1else had this problem? im in the Uk by the way

mario2man3486d ago

No I did not have that problem it installed fine on my ps3 try re-downloading it most of the time that works. The beta is awesome the multiplayer is amazing. both co-op and vs. are on it.

chaosatom3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )
try this video.

I think the download might be pretty slow, and it takes a long time to download the file since so many people are downloading it, so it corrupts the file or something.

It's probably safer to do a background download, since you can have your connection dropped or something. Try again at a later time, and re-download it. That's the best I got. I don't think it has to do with your ps3 or anything specifically.

Hellsvacancy3486d ago

Just got in from work thought ill try it again and yeah man its installin as i type

Thanks and bubbles 2 the above for your help and support

My Psn is Hellsvancy if any1 fancys doin co-op


Foliage3486d ago

This is the best looking game on any platform by miles. Incredible, simply incredible.


How they can not only put the best gameplay aspects, the best graphics, the best characters, the best lighting, the bext textures, the best story, the best... well everything; all into a single game, mind blowing.

FFXI1013486d ago

I had fun last night just playing UC2 online. It was surprisingly good, I couldn't stop play it. They did great job on the muti-player mode.

skatezero2463486d ago

man I wish I could be in that Beta

hijacker3485d ago

i have the beta.. i can't find any match to play :S

any help ?