Super Mario Galaxy 2 pre-orders launch

A retailer this week launched advanced orders for Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Nintendo Co.'s Wii.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 will include the anti-gravity gameplay found in the first. Additionally, Yoshi will be available for Mario to ride.

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qface643483d ago

i haven't read it yet but im gonna go out and take a wild guess
its gamestop isn't it?

bigjclassic3481d ago

It wont drop until fall/winter 2010.

winlonghorn3481d ago

It won't be out that late. They said that it is nearly complete and they are only holding it back because they don't want to launch two mario titles simultaneously. They will likely launch it by spring 2010. :)

BRG90003481d ago

Indeed. Sounds like it won't be nearly as long a wait for this one as the last. Which makes sense... this game clearly uses the same engine and graphics style so it shouldn't take nearly as long to make.

I can't wait!

Cacic3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Great games all week long.

REPLOID243481d ago

wii game. I know nintendo has the talent to make AAA titles, but they are too far apart. also, my ps3 takes up what little gaming time I have for now.

Shnazzyone3481d ago

Your not even looking are you... pick up no more heroes, okami or boom blox if you want the good stuff.. Ohh you can also grab metroid trilogy or the other 25 good titles coming to the wii in the future. It's attitudes like that that makes sure hardcore games don't make it to wii. Ignorance is not an excuse if you don't bother looking for games worth buying.

2FootYard3481d ago

F***ing Super Mario Galaxy with its subliminal messages. I'm not Mr. Gay!!