Kotaku: Splinter Cell Conviction Preview

What has wowed people at E3 who have seen the new Conviction in action is how cinematic and how stylish it looks at every second. One striking visual signature are the giant mission goal text directions that appear to be digitally painted on the walls of buildings as you stalk through the game's open-world levels. Imagine a mansion painted with full-story-high letters telling you to infiltrate it. Or imagine having your mission directives displayed as a black-and-white film projected dynamically on a bathroom wall on and around Sam and the guy he's beating up.

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JokesOnYou3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

SC: Conviction was another one of micro's biggest highlights for E3. The ingame mission texts was a brilliant idea, keeping you immersed in the action. Also the targeted assaninations were cool as hell and I really like how they showed the cutscenes are interactive in the demo, Sam Fisher is definitely back better than ever.


vvvv yeah and hopefully the pc version of 360 games will actually see alot higher sales because so far the pc versions seem to fall well behind compared to how well they do on 360, micro needs to do something to spark those pc sales, I don't know....maybe its the specs/upgrading/cost for pc, maybe its PC only type gamers ego(purists), maybe its because not many people actually really buy 360/PC games on PC like they say they will, hell I don't know what it is but obviously with all the attention on 360/PC games its clear 360 games are very popular even ps only owners are anticipating their PC release, its just unfortuanate games ONLY on PC in the PC news section on n4g is almost empty. Yes, you're right Conviction and Alan Wake will be awesome on pc and my 360.

lh_swe3481d ago

Just need to get the pc specs so I know which rig to buy next, coz I wanna be able to play this and Alan Wake on full graphics :)


Love the new angle that Sam has - always was a strategist and top notch killer --- now he's a badass too.

@lh_swe ^^^ - just splash out £169.99 on a 360 Pro and your be sorted........

do you really want to upgrade your pc spending silly £'s when the xbox is the best option - im sure both will run at atleast 30fps and 720p - that gotta be enough......

lh_swe3480d ago

I know it sounds like a stupid complaint but I get paranoid when my gaming hardware sounds like a jet engine, If I get one ill have to exchange the fan first.