Dementium 2 E3 Trailer

An E3 trailer for the upcoming horror game, Dementium 2, on the DS.

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Maticus3421d ago

That is nasty, I won't be going anywhere near that game!

Leord3421d ago

Seriously? It's a DS game, how bad could it be? :)

Cogo3421d ago

Hard to imagine, I agree, but I guess if it's gripping enough you might be jumping about in your bus seat with the DS in hand, lol.

Redrudy3421d ago

Oh it's DS. I was interested when I thought it was for PC but how scary can it be on the DS.

Leord3421d ago

Absolutely awesome trailer. Too bad there was no gameplay. Idea an execution on the trailer gets two thumbs up though!

Cogo3421d ago

Full-heartedly agree!

Not sure if hey wanted to protray it as a corrupted video, as per The Ring story line, or more of showing the contrasts between what the video promises and what people will find in that place. I assume it's an asylum ward for "insane" ppl.

Leord3421d ago

Good point, hard to know. IT was very well put together, nonetheless. The cuts, the image distortions, (organs) and sound. Very apparent message :)

Dorjan3421d ago

lets hope this is a horrior to remember!

Malfurion3421d ago

Looks pretty scary for a DS game.

Leord3421d ago

Yes, well, I was asking myself (and anyone else) that. Can a game even be scary as a handheld?

Cogo3421d ago

Not sure if my opinion was clear above, but basically, I DO think that the console is less important than the content.

If good enoigh, you'll be mezmerised, and your brain will immerse you in the game, even through a small screen. Human nature...

PS360WII3420d ago

Wow I didn't think Reneged Kid would make another one! The first one was alright too. Wonder what kind of stuff they'll thrown in this one.

Plus the changes from the first to Moon was impressive. Will be neat to see the improvements they make for there 3rd outing with their engine