Hard Drive Price is Fair Says Microsoft

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has been defending the price of its $180 120 Gig hard drive for the Xbox 360, from consumer criticism that it is too expensive.

The company's group product manager for Xbox 360 and Xnox Live says the drive is comparable in price to plug-and-play external drives for PC, adding that Microsoft carries extra testing costs for the drives. He also says it's consistent with the firm's pricing across Xbox 360 hardware.

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Razzy4269d ago

if M$ says it's a fair price then it must be, right?

Arkham4269d ago

Maybe people will just work longer hours in order to afford one? ;)

IPlayGames4269d ago

look at electronic store and compare prices of hard drive with the same amount of gigs. When i started school for gaming one of the 1st things they told me was to stay away from propitiatory companies for just this reason since there the only one putting out this product they can charge what ever they want and call it fair because theres no competition.

dantesparda4268d ago

They are being sarcastic, cant you tell?

sak5004269d ago

I"m not bothered about Elite version, but for us premium and core users the hard drive is a much better deal. But [email protected] em if they dont lower the price of HDD to an acceptable level.

hfaze4269d ago

I wonder what Microsoft would do if somebody figured out how to put ANY 2.5" SATA hard drive in their enclosure? I only paid $140 for a 160GB 2.5" SATA hard drive, and that was almost six months ago...

C'mon Team Xecuter... I know you guys are working on this! ;-) And where's the 360 modchips already... XBox Media Center would be beyond awesome if ported to the 360's hardware...

DeadlyFire4269d ago

That is not a fair price and Microsoft knows it. Should be around $80-120 bucks for it. Microsoft is just tring to force people to pay $200 bucks for something only worth $100 bucks.

marionz4269d ago

hell yeah ms sorry but thats too much, i havnt even managed to use 2 gig's on my 20 gig hard drive so why would i want to fork out for the bigger one? i probably will buy the elite model though anyway

shotputking4269d ago

this is why microsoft will get away with overcharging for this harddrive... people like this that will pay whatever they charge, for something they don't need. this person hasn't even used 2 gigs yet, but needs to step up to 120 and the elite? as long as there are people like this, the harddrive will stay overpriced.

Marty83704269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

So rip off MS prices are exceptable.

Bigmac5734269d ago

when they said that. Come on...$180 for a 120gb HD? Log on to newegg and learn the price of a real hard drive.

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The story is too old to be commented.