Final Fantasy XIV Online Sony Press Trailer in HD

PlayStation LifeStyle at E3 writes, "Below you will find the HD footage of one of the biggest E3 surprises, Final Fantasy XIV. The title has been described as "online" but this hasn't been specified as an MMO or some sort of cooperative gameplay. Honestly this title is very appealing as it seems to get down to the roots of the Final Fantasy legacy. There are no fire arms featured in this trailer nor any pop sensation concerts. Well done Square-Enix. We will be bringing you ALL the latest updates as they become available from the floors of E3."

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Arsenal4Ever3482d ago

Damn I wish I was at E3. So I could hear the reaction of everyone "What!!!"... "What!!!!"

Blackcanary3482d ago

And all my friends that played FFXI with me gonna buy a PS3 for FFXIV

I had a Dragon/Blue Mage at Lv 40 i hope they allow to use thoes to jobs togather again.

And i can't wait to see what new Summons you can use my Summoner was LV 40 and my White Mage was Lv 62 i can't wait to start all over again gonna do the same combo WHM/SMN and summon Carbunical i hope you can summon your Summons in the town this time round damn i can't wait.

freeman293482d ago

This is not HD, its off-screen.

Blackcanary3482d ago

Button on the screen to make the Footage HD they uploaded it on to Youtube as a HD file but to watch it in HD you need to press the HD button.

blacksniper3482d ago

Was FF11 any good, cause if it was I might try this out when it comes out.

Blackcanary3482d ago

I loved final fantasy 11 u should try it out.

Lanontscuz3482d ago

hope i can pull out my old 75 redmage from FF11 that would be sweet !!!!
Rdm/Nin FTMW!!!!!

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