PlayStation LifeStyle: PSP Go Hands On Impressions

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Today at E3, I finally got my hands on Sony's hot new PSP revision, and to sum it up on one word would be WOW.

Admittedly, when I first heard that the PSP Go would be launching for the steep price of $249.99, I decided that it wasn't worth it. Once I got to hold it in my hands, I quickly changed my mind."

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DoucheVader3484d ago

So where is your HD Zune? No LBP for DSi!

PSP Go is a sweet unit, the screen while slightly smaller, makes the system much more portable. BlueTooth adds a host of new abilities for the powerful platform.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

PSP-Go + LBP + Veronica Belmont playing it is the CUTE'ist thing in the WORLD!!! ;-P
I will have to buy 1!!! Erm PSP-Go not Veronica Belmont...but if she was for sale... ;-D

;-P ;-P ;-P

sinncross3484d ago

250 is still too much even though its obvious that the resdesign caused the price point.

Get it down to 200 and I think I'll give it a serious consider.

S1nnerman3484d ago

Agreed ... the stated price point made me wince. 200 would make it more palatable

Arkham3484d ago


And it's a shiny brand new toy. Man, you kids are pathetic. Get your parents to buy you one for Christmas or something, or save your quarters and get the 3000.

Mindboggle3484d ago

Im suprised they even let playstation lifestyle at E3. The amount of leaks they given out...

Sev3484d ago

Actually we have been quite the talk at E3.

People loved the Trico video, even some of the people @ Sony who hadn't seen it.

soljah3484d ago

hey guys forget all that other stuff. here's what got my attention

getting to play lbp and gt5 on a handheld. and they look incredible


50CALheadshot3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )


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JuJuRMJ3484d ago

My original launch PSP gave out ages ago, this new redesigned PSP looks very cool and with the impressive list of games releasing for it, I might as well give portable gaming another go since this little system has rejuvenated my interest with playing on the go. I'm sold.

3484d ago
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