E3 2009: Preview - Saw (Plus first 5 minutes gameplay)

Binge Gamer writes: Saw (the game), more or less, is a really intense puzzle game. You move from room to room, solving increasingly complicated and dangerous puzzles, all while being mocked, ridiculed, taunted and otherwise annoyed by Jigsaw - the most overrated villain in recent horror film history.

But I digress.

The puzzles that I got to work through were, while basic, very well designed. They are also somewhat twisted, including one where you have to obtain an electrical fuse that lies inside of an old, dirty toilet. Which also just happens to be filled with hypodermic needles. While some of you will surely be freaked out by your irrational-yet-understandable fear of needles, I saw a hidden Family Guy reference and couldn't help but chuckle.

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ad4mb3484d ago

that looked pretty cool imo

Rockox3484d ago

I wonder how many people won't bother buying this game, but will just watch gameplay videos on youtube to check out the gore. I'm probably in the latter category.