Nintendo talks about why Zelda will be a difficult game to make

During Shigeru Miyamoto's Roundtable, Nintendo and Miyamoto talk about Zelda Wii and why it may be harder to make than people think.

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Product3479d ago

I really hope they don't casualize it to much.

RememberThe3573479d ago

at all is more like it. Improve it, don't make it simpler.

Product3479d ago

Agreed I really wish they would bring back the difficulty from the olden days for titles like this lol...not going to happen though.

Gr813479d ago

The word "casualization" has a negative connotation with it. I actually think they are trying to address the issue that Zelda may be heading towards a niche following. Making something accessible to more people is not a bad thing, in fact it is exactly what more devs should be focused on.

Look at the NES Zelda title, it was very deep, but ANYONE could pick up and play, I think what Nintendo is trying to do is recapture or capture that same formula with much more intense tech, which is where the challenge for them comes in from the developer point of view. But I have confidence in them as they are Master Game Developers.

SL1M DADDY3479d ago

Make it a bit tougher to play with many more missions to run through and add voice overs. Sorry, but the way Ninty does their voices, or lack there of, is just getting old for me. I would like to hear Link actually talk more.

N4g_null3479d ago

Arius Dion you are so right about that but wait. Do the HD hardcore believe Mario 2d is casual? Does casual mean kiddy also? I mean the HD guys believe grandmother and kids play the Wii. Most of them will not even play mega man 9. Most of them will not even boot up zelda if they have it on an emulator.

If you looke at what they did with metroid you will understand what the HD guys want. Look closer but I'm not telling what I see. Most of the HD gamers' games are pretty childish also. They are not about challenge any more or skill building based game play.

A new zeld with the nes elements would rock and if that same game changed over time to become the snes version that would also rock. Then if that game also became the Wii version that would also rock.

Zelda has about 4 different fan base right now.
The HD dark zelda
the snes perfect version LOL
and the NES addicting simple almost atari like zelda that any one can pick up.

Gr813479d ago

Yes, ALttP is one of the greatest games EVEr created, as is Super Metroid, which if Team Ninja can nail Other M..O man would that be better than great. But also don't forget Ocarina of Time, the game came closer than any other (save for maybe mario 64) at nailing the transition from 2-d to 3-d (Imo. Though stepping back from my obvious bias (OoT is the greatest game I've ever played, I've never had such a feeling of awe since) I can see how it could turn off existing fanbases of the game, like you mentioned.

Its crazy that you mentioned WSR and talked about you thought about Zelda from that. I can honestly say I was thinking the same thing, and I saw exactly how masterful Nintendo is at understanding this industry. Then Miyamoto out and said the same thing "think Zelda when you play some of the sports in WSR". Yes, I'm patting myself on the back for that;)

Funny thing about the HD guys, they are so late to this party it isn't even funny. The 2-d Mario will obliterate all other games this holiday season. All of the games shown will be available for the PC, which means it will play better and look better than their twin console counterparts. You want RedSteel 2? You'll only find it on Wii.

Lastly, Iwata's speech. Industry journalists..or rather journalism in gaming is so out of touch with the mainstream it was not even funny. I was watching G4tv for their E3 coverage..absolute trash. Iwata was speaking to them and they didn't even hear him. one guy said "cut the philosophy bull, we just want games" Not understanding that one impacts the other. But what do I know, I'm just a gamer.

N4g_null3478d ago

WOW G4tv did that! Man that guy should be so fired. This is why I like GDC and will always go to that rather then E3. Man I really wish gaming did have a age limit for how old you can get and still play for some of these guys. It's like step brother the movie times ten. BOATS and HOES!

Well any way like last year some one won E3 and got crushed at x mas time. I wonder who that was? Seriously nothing is out selling new super mario bros wii unleash SMG2 comes out at the same time.

Also I'm just laughing because nintendo isn't showing every thing and MS and SONY obviously did their best LOL and they won't see and raise in sales from it, well maybe but really nothing showed game play I actualy wanted to play, hey but that's me I guess I like a challenge not the idea of a challenge and pretty graphics.

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na-no-nai3479d ago

sound good to me. i cant wait til they finish this game and bring it out. i wonder how they gonna make this game like tho and whether or not there be a new nemesis for link

GEESE3479d ago

I have fond memories of Link To The Past on the SNES.
One of the greatest video games ever made, and that one game (playing at a friends house) made me go out and buy a SNES the next day.
I hope they make a good one.

bjornbear3479d ago

If they don't pull this one off well, i will officially give up on Nintendo =( which is a shame...they were my nº they are just throwing a few good games to keep fans satisfied and focusing on casual market, talk about customer loyalty...geee...=(

SpoonyRedMage3479d ago

Yer, you didn't watch E3 where they showed more core games than casual games did you?

whatis3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Because this time they are missing the convenience of having a 90% completed Gamecube Zelda game build to work with aka add motion controls to?

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