Final Fantasy 7 arrives on PSN

Square's classic RPG Final Fantasy VII has just arrived on the Playstation Network and is now available for purchase and download.

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jidery3479d ago

What is so great about this game?
I own a ps3 and wonder why this is a huge announcement?
Why should i get this?

tocrazed4you3479d ago

One of the greatest rpgs ever made in the early console years.

Myst3479d ago

The story pretty much, just like previous installments of Final Fantasy (or if you want to side-track) perhaps Chrono Cross or Chrono Trigger. Either way most liked the story and the characters, as well as the music. So like every other game that is liked it pretty much boils down to the content that was in it and how the gamers experienced it. Since it was experienced as being great or rather "Awesome" in some people's eyes. The game is heralded as one of the best. Not to mention it may have been the first for quite a few people.

s8anicslayer3479d ago

This game brings back so many memories, but ut's not on the NA store, must be EU

chaosatom3479d ago

I had to log in just for you.

Omegasyde3479d ago

IMHO Ff7 still has the best summons and magical spells in any Final Fantasy to day.

Knights of the Round owns everything and it even impressed Chuck Norris.

Panthers3479d ago

Are you asking why FFVII is such a huge announcement? Its only one of the greatest games ever made.

el zorro3479d ago

It's a great game, but I already play it on my backwards compatible PS3 and my homebrew PSP.

Trebius3479d ago

Another reason to play through this game again...I havent played it in a decade. Cant wait.

Panthers3479d ago

I will buy it after getting my PSP Go.

kornbeaner3479d ago

Because this game was the dawning of the how we experience games today. Yes story, gameplay, music, were all done before this game, but this was the start of the modern development of current games. This game is truly godly.

That's why.

Marceles3479d ago

FF7 is practically the most influencial RPG ever made since the 32 bit era. This game is the pinnacle of the classic RPG formula.

jkoz3479d ago

Yes it is... EU doesn't have it, NA does. I know because I bought it on the NA store. o.O

Tapewurm3479d ago

Everything is great about this game and now it is portable on your psp :).. (and legally at that for those who dabble in the homebrew).. Resident Evil this past Thursday and now FF7 and Medal of Honor... my psp is very happy.

SnukaTheMan3479d ago

when someone died i actually felt bad. Its a great game man go get it..You will like it.

SaiyanFury3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Final Fantasy VII was THE defining RPG that brought the genre more mainstream. It was the first game in the series to feature fully 3D graphics and digital sound. As with the original PlayStation, this game also transformed the genre that is RPGs as we now know them. FFVII had an amazing story as well as characters that we could all identify with. Included was the great world map that you could explore that so many games these days lack.

I remember the first time I played FFVII. I rented the game from Roger's Video and I had just gotten out of Midgar and I didn't think the game was all that great. After 2 days of contemplation, I need to see more of the game and what it had to offer. I looked for many sources of money so I could get the game and I finally got it. It was great all the way through. Now I have a rare original Black Label edition and I'd not trade it for anything. Now I can download it to my PSP and play it on the go, that alone is AWESOME. FFVII isn't the life changing experience some people make it out to be, but it's one of the best RPGs of all time, and I encourage any fan of the genre to check it out.

On another note, I'm downloading it now as it's one of the pure classics of all time. I encourage others who are fans of the genre to do the same.

SL1M DADDY3479d ago

If you do not understand why this game is so important then you might not want to even bother. I however will recommend that you play it and see what the fuss is all about. I remember playing this game when it was released and can say that I have not played a FF game that was as much fun as this one since. FFX was close but not quite.

AAACE53479d ago

I don't know??? I personally liked FFX more.

At least fans who were hoping for a re-release have finally got it! I wonder if they will complain about it not having updated HD graphics (Ps3 graphics I mean).

I wanted to get ShenMue 2 again because I remember it as being a great game that was misunderstood. But when I finally got it again, I was disappointed with it!

I hope FFVII is as good as fans remember...

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-MD-3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Does it work properly? I plan on picking this up very soon (have to finish Resident Evil or else I'll never get back to it).

INB4 "Murderdolls is a fraud and doesn't own a PS3"

Omegasyde3479d ago

Damn, I was about to call you out.

You took my fun away.

Hallucinate3479d ago

Murderdolls is a fraud and doesn't own a PS3

to answer your question i have no idea...FF7 isnt even all that good so idc

-MD-3479d ago

Screw it I'm just gonna buy it.

For all the people that seem to not believe I have a PS3 please give me your psn name so I can blow you kisses through the internet.

Omegasyde3479d ago

Maybe later, I don't take kisses but I do take virtual hugs and stds.

Wtf is up with the disagree fairies? They should really eliminate the disagree and agree feature. It makes no sense anymore any people disagree with common facts.

-MD-3479d ago

Somebody sent me a friends request but deleted it before I could send a message haha awesome.

FF7 hasn't aged well graphically but it's still awesome.

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Lookbehind3479d ago

Bought it and old school Medal of Honour lol.

OhReginald3479d ago

It took me a while to find it buried in the middle of the classic games section. Why don't they bring it up and advertise it for others to see?

Anyways. Hell yes. Now i dont have to purchase the game on ebay for $70+

SprSynJn3479d ago

You do know that it is the first item on the "E3" section, don't you?

paracardium3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

look under new releases to find it. Pretty simple. Bought it already also good stuff.

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