The Last Guardian PlayStation 3Trailer - E3 2009: Trailer

E3 2009: Trailer from (full 4:29 secs)

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- Ghost of Sparta -3486d ago

Take this trailer and compare to:

The improvements are truly unbelievable and goes to show just how early the old teaser was. Look at the feathers on the griffin for example, and overall textures. The kid is taller too.

eyeDEVOUR3486d ago

hellyeah...and my favorite part is where the griffin is tearing that bridge/platform apart when its trying to go through that castle entrance....ive waited 4 years to see this and it looks like ill have to wait a little longer to see more.....

himdeel3486d ago

...I thought it was uncanny how well the AI for Argo was. It was like he was a real horse and I still remember when he (SPOILER) fell (eyes getting teary) lol. I'm expecting the griffons AI to be AMAZING!!! I cannot wait to get this game and have all three Ico games in my possession.

TheHater3486d ago

Dude when Argo fell, my heart rate drop. I thought he was dead and I didn't want to play the game anymore. However, I play a little longer and there was Argo limping and I scream in joy that he was alive.

himdeel3486d ago

...thanks for the tiny (bubbles) that griffon is CGI quality real. I cannot wait to play the final product. I got my box of tissues ready :)

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Lfmesquite3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

It might just be the game at the very top of my list now. More than any other game on any platform.

It's all about the creature, don't want to sound like a little girl but it almost brings a tear.

amazing looking game.

Too bad the old trailer had already leaked or else it probably would of shocked us at the press conference.

Shadow Man3486d ago

I found a copy at my local pawnshop. Pretty rare game :D

TheHater3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

the creature was crying because of its injuries? PAUSE the video at 3:09 and you can see the tears running down the side of its "beak"

Oh and from 4:08 to 4:15, you can see the boy waking up because of the creature movement and growl. Then from 4:16 to 4:19 he try to get comfortable again to go back to sleep.

It is these tittle things that make Team ICO game head and shoulders above ever other developers in terms of connection with the world and its characters.

pwnsause3486d ago

art in motion guys. like no other.

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