Retro Hindsight: Sensible World of Soccer

Koku Gamer writes: "There may only be two main football games available nowadays but way back when (in about 1992) there was only one real football game to own and that was Sensible Soccer. Developed by Sensible Software this was the arcade definition of a football game if ever there was one and even though it looked different to any other football game at the time and even though, when you compare the graphics to the likes of FIFA and PES, some people may laugh, this game still packs a punch even today."

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Funqy3479d ago

I miss playing SWOS when I was little. Good article.

Fullish3479d ago

agreed, its one of those great childhood games.

Xeall3479d ago

Deep fried chicken wings.....I ate those the first time I played this game. It was so much fun i remember

Ziriux3479d ago

Wow, that was way off, but hey I'm glad you enjoy chicken and playing this.

Cinotix3479d ago

Ohh man one of the best retro games of all time, especially in the sports category.

Reibooi3479d ago

Gotta say I never really was a sports fan. The only sports game I ever really played to any decent amount were the Mutant League games and that was just because they were fun and over the top. A bit a Tecmo Bowl as well but I never even heard of this one.

Ziriux3479d ago

Aww, but Tecmo Bowl and SWOS were the best retro sports titles.

edulle3479d ago

Nice article. Makes me want to get a rom of this.