GameSpot: Tony Hawk Ride Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "Aside from the controls, the biggest difference between Ride and its recent predecessors is the structure. The open world has been removed here, replaced with mini challenges and events that keep the focus on riding rather than exploration. All told, Ride is interesting at this point. It feels so different from other skateboarding games that it's a little difficult to get the hang of at first, but it does replicate the feeling of the actual sport better than a hand-held controller. Ride is scheduled for release later this year".

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360DownINflames3485d ago

Seriously why would anyone buy this over an actual skateboard it makes no sense what so ever... If you like skateboarding this much then youll buy an actual skateboard.. Not to mention this is more like a snow board..

I dont get how these products make it; this is a classic example of an older generation ceo pushing this through... I have no clue who made this or who had the idea but i bet good money that it had to be an older ceo to push this through...

Anyhow good luck selling it hopefully you break even pretty quick..

Tony hawk doesnt need a refreshing.. Its been the same game forever and its fun. Not everyone wants a game like skate or additional gimicks..

Just let me jump over buildings doing crazy tricks and im happy.. Add a replay mode.. There done.

madpuppy3485d ago

like I said before, skateboard, snowboard, bmx etc. are just filler junk that is bargain bin fodder.