GameFocus: E3 09: MotorStorm Arctic Edge Hands-On

GameFocus writes: "The game does move smoothly but I did notice some hiccups at certain points in the race, specifically during crash animations and moments when your vehicle would go off course. These are minor gripes and definitely will be worked on prior to the game's release this fall. While it was easy to reset yourself in the PS3 if you went off course, here you need for a prompt to appear in order to return to the main track. This might bother some people and hopefully this is another aspect of the game I hope will be addressed. I also had a gripe with the game on how it played with the PSP Go, but that is more with the Go and not with the game.

This looks to be a very promising game and along with Gran Turismo PSP, should appease PSP racing fans in the later part of this year".

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