GameSpot: God of War III Impressions

GameSpot writes: "We got to see Kratos do a massive number of highly entertaining things during the demo. First off, he fired off a bow and arrow with ammunition that was on fire. He then used flying beasts to transport across chasms, beating them up and then ripping their heads off at the end. He also cut open the belly of a huge centaur using the series' quick-time event system. But the most amusing death was when he broke off the horn of a Chimera and slammed it into its head to kill it".

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thereapersson3484d ago

The most epic videogame series of all time!!!

zach19803484d ago

wow omg that's what we all been waiting for and i knew it be released in march 2010, i can't wait but it be worth the wait, day one buy for me you can't get no better and uncharted 2 omg that looked insane god i can't wait lol, these are the reasons i brought a ps3 day one.