Gran Turismo 5 Damage confirmed in recent trailer

Do you really want to see it? Head over to PSInsider for the proof pic, straight from Polyphony Digitals newest Trailer!

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JOLLY13481d ago

Does it have damage for all cars? or just non-production cars?

UltimateIdiot9113481d ago

All cars, pretty sure it's all. PD has been going around asking manufactures if it's okay with them. Last I heard, Ferrari wasn't too willing (last year) but I'm sure they gave in by now.

Montrealien3481d ago

the Ferrari not wanting damage crap is beyond me, its ok in Forza and PGR, but not for GT? I mean that argument made sense for GT2, but GT3-4 should of had damage. And I am pretty sure all cars will have it this time, or at least I hope so. Either way I can wait for this game!

UltimateIdiot9113481d ago

Don't quote me on this but I remember reading somewhere that the reason why some manufacture were so hesitant about damage in GT is because GT has prestige and aren't too happy at idea of their car getting damage and revealing the engine (not so generic model for the engine but an actual model of the engine).

Montrealien3481d ago

I wont quote you on it, don't worry. But damage is damage, why does Forza and PGR have Ferrari damage and not GT? You interpretation is, because GT has prestige, and they don't?

Serg3481d ago

The thing about polyphony is that they are getting payed by the manufacturers to include their cars in GT, unlike other developers who pay for every car license. And because of that the manufacturers are nitpicking about damage because they paid to showcase their cars, not to show off how to wreck them.

But I'm quite positive even Ferrari has given them the license to wreck by now.

Montrealien3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

I would be interested in seeing where we are told PD gets paid by car companies to put there cars in the game. Would you care to share with us where you read that? And if it is the case, I would have to presume that if they let the car models take damage now, its because the table have turned.

Serg3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

It was in an Interview a year back or so, Yamauchi stated something along the lines of: "You know you are doing something right, if car manufacturers pay you to include their cars in your game."

I seriously doubt the tables have turned because they want to push realism a little further.

Naturally not every manufacturer pays them, but just do the math how much ~1000 individual licenses would cost, not including music and racetracks. A freaking fortune thats for sure.

Montrealien3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Him saying that some car companies are paying to put there latest models in for exposure has nothing to do with them not wanting there cars wrecked. And I doubt Ferrari is one of those manufactures. You are taking one statement out of context here. GT should of had visible car damage a long time ago and I m tired of people finding excuses as to why it has not yet. The GT5 pre rendered trailer teasing at car damage is a good sign that PD have finally got got this detail worked out to help GT become an even better racer then it has already been.

Conan9973480d ago

the real reason why Ferrari doesn't want damage on GT is because its rendered damage. Ferrari customers can get an opinion on how a Ferrari takes damage when you play GT because it is rendered damage with physics involved. this can give potential ferrari customers the wrong idea of how ferraris behave in a crazy.

forzas damage is just pre-rendered damage that pops up when a sectional piece of a car hits something.

mfwahwah3480d ago


If someone is stupid enough to take this game as an exact recreation of real life physics then I doubt they're successful enough to own a ferrari.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3481d ago

The Forza creater attacking Gran Turismo? He didnt do it directly of course but he was pretty kocky and annoying. "Forza has the best grafx and fisx and gameplay blah blah blah."

I'll be glad when GT5 comes so he can shut the heck up.

Rock Bottom3481d ago

Haha, he kept saying Froza is the best in this and that, he even said it has the best graphics in a racing game, poor guy, about 24 hour later he was the fool of the show.
Pffft, best graphics my butt.

Final_Aeon3481d ago

At first he was all "this isn't a competition" but at the end he was going on how "we're the first one to innovate like this and we hope people will follow in our footsteps, and not just in the racing genre, but all game types". Wow, how can one be so full of himself?

Blaze9293481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

To be fair, nothing compares to Forza's such in-depth customization feature. People really make some really amazing art on their cars and you have to just stop and wow at that plus the drifting mechanic works like no other for online in Forza 2 and I expect both of those to get better for Forza 3.

And none of those are custom templates, all make from triangles, colors, squares, etc etc. crazy

Baka-akaB3481d ago

I agree blaze , but who knows if GT5 would offer something close enough ?

I doubt they shown every features .... it was just a matter or showing the licences , graphics , and damages for this e3 .

Anyway indeed while i doubt it will top GT5 where it counts (graphics and gameplay) , i was nicely surprised by the excellence of Forza's modes . If you own both consoles , it's definitely a good time for racing , in both arcade and simulation , between forza , gt5 , and the multiplatform titles to come .

Darkeyes3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Ya I agree EXgamer... In terms of graphics, those footage I saw earlier pretty much sums up to best looking game deal. Ya Forza 3 is awesome looking, but GT5 is one notch above it. I mean people are actually comparing CGI footage of Forza 3 to in game footage on GT5 and still GT5 is pwning them.. If someone would have just shown the GT5 car pics without telling me that it's shot in a game, I would have believed that those were real.

And about those Forza devs.... man they took 15 min to go on blabbing about their game being the best looking game and other crap and next day, a 2 min footage from GT5 spoke mountains and beat the crap out of the hollow statements about Forza 3 (graphically). Man those Forza devs must be feeling like asses when they must have seen the GT5 footage.

The damage added is the icing on the cake. This is what a definitive car sim is. Just look at the Forza 3 videos... the gameplay looks arcady.... GT series has always been the flag bearer of racing games and will always be one.

Montrealien3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Well, since the last real Gran Turismo came out, we will have seen 3 forza games, always pushing the package, from online, to damage, to full customization and much more. Turn 10 has the right to brag imho since Forza has been consistent for 5 years now. Where as GT has been c*ck tease after c*ck tease. And speaking of c*ck teases, I see people talking about footage, did I miss something, they showed in game footage of GT5?

Don't get me wrong, I will be buying both GT5 and Forza 3 day one. But my best GT years where 1 and 2, coming out within 2 years of each other and having played both of those to death, the rest have been nothing but the same thing with better graphics. I am truly hoping 5 will bring back the GT feeling for me, even though Forza has been slowly charming me for the last few years.

Darkeyes said...

"GT series has always been the flag bearer of console racing games and will always be one."

fixed that for ya, sorry to say but the PC is where the true hardcore racing fans go.

Edit: I love how some of you guys are missing the Bigger Picture here, this fall we will have Gran turismo portable and forza 3 and shift. If you hare a console racing fan, you are truly in for a treat. And long after you will have digested those great looking games, we will finally have a new Gran turismo. We are If you are a console racing fan, they are all good new. It is not about one up'ing each other, thats only for f*nboys and the devs themselves, all we should care about is that they push each other to each become great products, and we all win.

resistance1003481d ago

Well the Forza Dev did state that Forza 3 will have the largest rooster of cars at 400 at present this generation, only for him to be owned by GT PSP which has double the amount of car's Forza 3 has.

Sitdown3481d ago

how is this any different than what other developers say about their game? I think you feel like he was indirectly saying something about GT because everybody compares them...which in reality it appears his statement was calling out all racing games/sims. Anyhoo......GT5 could or could not be the best, but how much does that matter if you have to wait forever to play it?

Serg3481d ago

The GT franchise and Polyphony Digital has proven over, and over, and over again that they deliver. It takes them 2-3 MONTHS to model a car, ~220000 polygons each car on close to or over 1000 cars. Every single detail has been captured. Auto enthusiasts appreciate that immense level of quality they are putting into GT5. There won't be any game on any platform any time soon that can even come close to the GT franchise, no matter how many games come out in between a GT sequel. Add to that 1080p and 60 fps.

Turn 10 can sure as hell try, but PD has established a name as a talented game developer and a well known reputation in the car industry, be it manufacturing or sports. The GT signs won't be removed from the race tracks all over the world anytime soon.

Montrealien3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

You could be a spokesperson for PD serg! I have bought every one of there games and loved them all, but nothing has come close to GT2 for me, GT4 came close, and GT5:P was GT with good looks. But in the end I found out I was playing the same game over an over, but with better looks, I wanted a little more.

Forza has been giving me what I have wanted from GT, online play, damage, community, and sick ass customizations. I mean you can brag all you want about models, and polygons ect, but at the end of the day, forza has been giving us that little extra, besides just good looks and they have been doing so consistently and Turn 10 deserves some respect for that. But who gives a f*** right? True gamers are getting both, and they don't need to c*ck massage PD to make themselves feel better, they just need good games and Forza and GT will not disappoint..

Serg3481d ago

Well I guess Forza is targeted at a younger audience, with the customizations and all, it wouldn't feel right in GT. Hey if it satisfies you go play it I'm not trying to keep you from getting it. But acting like Forza is the new King in town is, well, dumb.

Montrealien3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

If you think I am acting that way, then you are wrong since you are clearly mentally blocking the fact that said I will be enjoying both. And ignoring the fact that GT was very late to the party for online play and damage is not to bright either. I have been a huge GT fan since I was burning up the tracks with my V-Tec Prelude (which I actually ended up buying). However I have been one of its harshest critics since I do believe they have been slacking that last few years sitting on their thrown thinking they are king, all while series like Forza, Pro race driver and GTR have been pushing the envelope years after year.

But with that said, until GT5 comes to reclaim its thrown (which I know it will) Forza has been taking care of the console racing sim market very well. If you are not playing it simply for the fact that you think one is a king, then you are missing out.

Edit: I suggest that you get out of your internet f*nboy bubble. Get yourself an arcade 360 to go along with your Ps3 and you will not regret it. They are not as bad as the interweb makes them out to be.

Serg3481d ago

I am missing out on some great xbox games I won't deny that, simply for the fact that I wouldn't buy hardware that breaks down while I'm in the middle of a game. Even my NES and my Genensis (Mega Drive) are still working, with flaws, but working. And some of the games find their way to the PC anyway so.

Morituri3481d ago

No one in their right minds could ever concieve of forza beating GT.Fugghetaboutit.

Serg3481d ago

The "fanboy bubble" as you call it, manifested itself while witnessing a RROD at a colleagues place myself while playing the back then new and exciting Assassins Creed. Furthermore the disc read error is no myth as I had trouble switching games while I had his Xbox for a weekend. Plus I lost 50 euros repaying him for wrecking G.R.A.W. 2 when I accidently tilted the Xbox for 5° while running the game, it scratched the disc beyond functionality.

My PS3 is sitting below my TV always ready when I need it, always swallowing the disc I decide to put in without any kind of resistance. If the Xbox would be as reliable I would buy one, but it has proven to me first hand that it is nothing more than a waste of valuable money I would be better off spending on the outstanding amount of exclusive games coming out on the PS3, not even counting the multiplatform titles.

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PtRoLLFacE3481d ago

DAMAGE !! lol who cares i just want play the damm game already

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ChampIDC3481d ago

Cool, this was the only thing in the games I never liked. Good to see them finally adding damage. It really pulls me out of the immersion to be able to head on collide with a wall at high speeds and take no damage.

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