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Daz3422d ago

i really liked this.

menoyou3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

That presentation was UNBELIEVABLE. Everything was PERFECT! Animation, graphics, physics, gameplay. Just, wow.

WhittO3422d ago

this game just looks amazing and really did kick-off Sonys Conference making everyone feel excited!

My most anticipated game this year.

talltony3422d ago

This game pwns! so hard!!! Just as much as god of war 3 and both on the ps3. I am way more excited for these games than anything in 360's library!

beardpapa3422d ago

LMAO as always he's such a funny character. The "Holy S#it" was just so fitting when the copter came. >=D

Rainstorm813422d ago

G.o.t.Y 2009

Without a doubt.

See you guys on the beta tonight!

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LarVanian3422d ago

Holy living breathing sh!t. :O
Best draw distance ever!

Sarcasm3422d ago

It's not the draw distance.

It's everything between drake and as far as the eye can see.

The sheer amount of detail of the buildings, the background forests, EVERYTHING!

It's ridiculous. My brain cannot process that amount of detail! And not to mention the environment as Drake and the other girl was going through actually crumbles, changes, and moves! Also the amount of small objects that has actual physics.

I'm sorry, I'm not a believer of "Uncharted 2 > Killzone 2" as far as graphics is concerned. BUT I AM NOW!

Uncharted 2's graphics pwned Killzone 2, Alan Wake (meh to begin with), and any other game for that matter.

All hail Naughty Dog! The true kings of PS hardware.

jalen2473422d ago

Most impressive in visuals and gameplay.

micro_invader3422d ago

Don't forget about the animation. Really stunning.

AshleyRiot3422d ago

Looked amazing. Got my beta code ready :)

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The story is too old to be commented.