Gran Turismo 5 trailer

Today Sony and Polyphony Digital has shown Gran Turismo 5 during the E3 2009 press converence. In this trailer we've seen that there is a damage model in the game!


On the website there is a HD version from the trailer live! + A screenshot from the damage.

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Forrest Gump3485d ago

Again,the Real Driving Simulator returns.

menoyou3485d ago

Definitely, and it seems it will have different types of racing plus car damage. This will be the definitive racing game this generation. ;)

marinelife93485d ago

Forza only looked good graphically for one day.

Mo0eY3485d ago


Tell me about it. I love how he praised the graphics saying, "It IS the best looking and best driving game this generation.

Yeah, it was for a day

40cal3485d ago

not only did the Real Driving Simulator return, its coming to the PSP running at 60fps and the PS3 version now has NASCAR!

No other driving sim on the market can touch Gran Turismo.

ChozenWoan3485d ago

I know, but I just wanted to make sure we where all on the same page.

Major Kanimo3484d ago

has been shown at e3 for the past 3 years...only this one. there has been 2 forza's out since this game was mentioned

aaron58293484d ago

how many cars FORZA 3 will feature on the grid... is it gonna be 8 again ?

We know GT will have at least 16 cars on the grid.


Major Kanimo3484d ago

you disagreed with me and then made up a random question because i said that. there have been 2 forza games out this generation and zero GT n4g is fueled by ps3 fanboys these days

3484d ago
Lawliet3484d ago

@Major Kanimo I see your quick at criticizing others when the fact that what you stated doesn't make any sense! What do you mean by no GT games!? You never heard of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue!? or you just trying to act stupid here?

cmrbe3484d ago

Its very simple but i don't understand why people don't get it.

PD was working on the GT PSP as well which has 400 more cars that Froza.

There is no need to buy two Frozas when you only need 1 GT5.

arika3484d ago

the one and only.


real driving physics and car details.


the best on it's class.

car collision damage.

what more can you ask for.


only possible on ps3!

aksmashh3484d ago

It wasn't a bad video but there was no gameplay & it kept changing when the cars were about crash.
I can remember from tokyo that they said there were problems with damage system. I'm just hoping theres no more delays but i'm quiet sure there going to say early 2010 :(

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Daz3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

like i said very nice but is damage on racing cars only? or is it for all cars? have to wait and see but when is this going to be released. 2010 or 2011

GVON3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

So far damage on race only.

I'm not having a dig at forza it looked great,seriously it does.props to turn 10 for making it look so much better than 2.
I know forza rolled a car but unless damage was off it looked as if he could drive away,there was no glass broken,no broken
suspension,very little to suggest it had been shunted into a wall at 80mph rolled over and killed the car.
Seriously it looked no different from the dash after a roll,than it did of the line.
And again please don't take this as a trolling attempt,I've played too many games,on countless systems to even feel the need too start doing it,in a comments section on N4G

Even if it is only race cars pn GT5,looking at the damage I'm expecting proper damage,and it proves that if it was possible to do that with every car,then they will do it.

Daz3485d ago

Thats the trouble car companys will only allow so much damge and the macker said he only add damge if he can do it properly but anyway has as a gamer i will be getting both forza and gt becuase i love car games.

I think t10 done a really good job but they are being hated for what they done.

GVON3485d ago

if the maker of a road car says no then what can you do,in a interview a few months back Kaz said Porsche would allow a full right off, yet Ferrari would barely allow them a scratch on the wing mirror.

But like I said if kaz could get it done on every car,I think they would.

TomMcBaum3485d ago

Engadget missed it, but the clip clearly shows damage. And night driving! Very nice.

Conan9973485d ago

just fyi night driving was in gran turismo 1

FordGTGuy3485d ago

that damage is only on the race cars and not manufacturers cars.

Elven63485d ago

That could be possible IF the manufacturers didn't want to give people the ability to smash up their cars. Completely understandable but also a bit silly when games do that :p

ctfkev3485d ago

a little damage action!

nascar, rally races,man this game combines others into one!

GVON3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

I actually posted on another forum that I thought evo studio's and Sony Liverpool would use Sony's WRC license,guess they won't be now.

Also how many cars do you get on track in nascar?

titntin3485d ago

WRC rally modes - and NASCAR too! Yum yum, I want it.

BenCrazy4243485d ago

Finally, a nascar game that is better than NR2003!!! Once I saw Jeff Gordon's racing suit I almost sh*t myself.

Bob Dole3484d ago

Take that every Nascar game ever made!