Why the Hardcore Should Embrace Tony Hawk Ride

On paper, there's a lot for the hardcore to hate in Tony Hawk Ride. On paper, it's an irritating grab-bag of current-gen fads, topped off with one or two new mechanics lifted directly from other franchises. But fortunately, Tony Hawk Ride isn't played on paper. It's played on a board. And having seen it demoed a few weeks ago, GamesRadar thinks it's going to be a hell of a lot more than the sum of its somewhat derivative parts. Read on for their full run-down of the things that might worry you and why they really shouldn't.

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glennc3481d ago

too much effort!!! .skate is a game I play when i want to chill out. just ride around doing my own thing, doing the odd challenge (career or multiplayer freeskate). the thought of standing the whole time i am playing is the deal breaker for me. the novelty will wear off in about a day and then it would sit next to that damn balance board.

wii .skate also didn't grab me. the flickit controls on the HD consoles is the best thing to happen to the genre, try all you like you won't better it.

i wonder what the next useless peripheral will be, a motion controlled basketball?