Golden Sun E3 09: Debut Trailer

Golden Sun is back and better than ever in this return of the great RPG.

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PS360WII2887d ago

It's so wonderful. GOTY right here ;) to bad handhelds don't get that kind of respect though :(

SpoonyRedMage2887d ago

I know, the DS lineup shown was superb. The PSP also had quite a few excellent games shown.

_Q_2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )


_Q_2887d ago

I heart golden sun.

-x.Red.x-2887d ago

i jumped out of my seat

i still can't believe it

Kevin McCallister2887d ago

I was at work when I saw the announcement on Twitter and I had to try my hardest not to start shouting and fist pumping like a maniac. This is THE announcement I had hoped for, but i figured Nintendo/Camelot had given up on the series for some reason.

fatstarr2886d ago

i cant wait. idc day 1 for me just like the original when it came out that winter :D way way back.

i hope my clear data shall live on