Homebrew PSP Final Fantasy MMO

Kotaku reports on how the first Final Fantasy game and MMO for the PSP has come to us homebrew developer TT-Team. The game is free and is basically a MMO port of Triple Triad, the card game from FFVIII. You can connect to US or Euro servers, collect cards, gain levels, chat, and manage friends, all from your homebrew capable PSP.

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WTF4277d ago

WTF???Why the dramatic music???

specialguest4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

I had no idea such a game exist until now. Pretty impressive for a homebrew team to create this game. It's a shame that the first MMO game for the PSP is made by the homebrew community(along with other gadgets and features), instead of Sony.

Armyless4277d ago

For not embracing the Homebrew crew.

Odiah4276d ago

Runescape for PSP.

That could work....