Sims 3 - nude patch: screens

As reported, a No-Censor-Patch for The Sims 3 is already available, before the game even started shipping. Some screens have popped up, showing the patch in action.

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ShadesMoolah2882d ago

Where's my penis, wait a moment where's my nipples, now how am I supposed to feed babies?

Hydrolex2881d ago

they cut off the penises and filled up the vagins and trimmed the nipples

Random_Gumby2881d ago

patch released by EA to increase sales by BETCHYAA!!!!!

ReBurn2881d ago

Do you think they removed that stuff? Or do you think they just never built it to begin with?

TheDude2dot02881d ago

Every single Sims game has had no genitalia. Bummer huh?

Gamertags2881d ago

Now those are some strange looking genitals!

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qface642881d ago

i saw nude before i saw the sims 3 name thought it would be something good clicked then i realized it was this
tsk tsk tsk D;

LastDance2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

is that REALLY neccessary
Edit: okay, their nudity is as revealing as a barbie and ken doll:P. Probably a good thing.

ButterToast2881d ago

now we need the nipple patch! they look like a bunch of barbie and ken dolls.

ryanpmulvey2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

How am I supposed to check the angle of my dangle, let alone eject foul toxins from my body?!

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The story is too old to be commented.