Milo, Burnout, and Balls: Body-on with Project Natal (GamePro Preview)

Well, it certainly captured the attention of everyone who viewed it. Microsoft seemed to out-Wii the Wii with Project Natal, the body-recognizing, game-changing, controller-shattering uber-device they revealed at their press conference. But videos and tightly-controlled conference demos are one thing-trying it out is something entirely different. GamePro got to try out Project Natal, and the results are promising.

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Sonyslave33278d ago

SEE haters all the people who had time to play Natal loves it .

shazui1233278d ago

still not too keen, I think some games will be made awesome by this though, think of (dunno if Im stepping out of line here) playboy mansion 3 or whatever. Id love to be a pimp with my Natal (sounds like an anagram without the 't' so you know its good for playboy games :D)