Hitman Film Shooting Starts

Eidos has confirmed that production has begun on the upcoming Hitman movie.

Production began on March 27th in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia. The cast and crew will be there for 12 weeks before coninuing on to London, South Africa and St. Petersburg...

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Yo Wassap3851d ago

To prevent this being a one word reply:


Ru3851d ago

I think the guy who's in The Transporter Would be a good Fit
Although Id have a hard time telling the two movies apart!

Diselage3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

When they first announced the movie i could think of no one better to play the part than Jason Statham (lead in The Transporter). I can't belive they would make the movie with out him actually. When I see this movie I know all I'm going to be thinking is Jason Statham would be doing a better job right now.

dachiefsman3851d ago

The only thing in my opinion that makes me leary as with any video game adaptation is the script. Tim O. as agent 47 is solid if you don't believe go rent or torrent "Deadwood". He does an excellent job with his character in the series.

I would go see this any day over the sh**y remakes of Resident Evil.

Robotz Rule3851d ago

I love the Hitman games,I hope this movie is better than the Mission Impossible movies!

I'll be there day one when it comes out in theaters!

biomajor093851d ago

I will be right there with you robotz. I loved Tim O. in the girl next door he was great. I only hope that this movie doenst turn into a movie like mario brothers or street fighter.

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