IGN E3 2009: I've Played Natal and it Works

IGN writes: "Following up on its successful E3 press conference earlier today, Microsoft held a special hands-on event at the Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles this evening. Besides showing off the latest versions of games like Halo 3: ODST, Forza Motorsport 3, The Beatles: Rock Band, and Shadow Complex, Microsoft also had special "behind closed doors" demos of two of its more secretive projects, Project Natal and Alan Wake."

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RememberThe3573212d ago

People are questioning it's uses though.

I personally can't wait to see what they do with it. If they do this right, this could very well be the future of gaming.

really duh3212d ago

"I don't think anyone is doughting that it works" Its just that a handful of fanboys are hating on it.

FamilyGuy3212d ago

Who doubted if it worked?
The only doubt im seeing on this site is the 1080p instant play streaming.

Im not even doubting the support behind this devise because, by the looks of it, it was an expensive investment for M$ and i don't think they'll let it get low support.

I only wonder how much the thing will cost.

SeNiLe9113212d ago

The entertainment center is in standby mode, I walk into the room and it comes to life with Natal greeting me. No controller or remote I can control everything with a swipe of my hand or the use of voice commands to watch TV, play a movie, play a game, video conference, social network, surf the net, you name it, I see the entertainment center doing it all with no remote or controller one day. That doesn't mean we won't have some type of peripheral to work with it but everything will be more simpler with less remotes and controllers. Very cool stuff but could be a few years before we see Natal in the living room.

cherrypie3212d ago


You totally understand this. This is way beyond any motion control we've seen to-date.

It is game-changing.

Natal was the highlight (beyond MGS-Raiden, SC, AW, wow, just wow).

SaberEdge3212d ago

I think Natal was easily the highlight of the show, even among all the other awesome announcements. It wowed me more than anything.

The potential of this technology is staggering.

Ghoul3212d ago

i totally love the tech, i know about this a bit longer from other science projects and seeing this moving to consoles is awesome.

BUT seriously its way to early to present it on a e3 its a rough concept with very early alpha tools and software. for my taste they should have at least waited to e3 2010. this tech is to far from beeing presented as the new messiah in gaming controlls.

SL1M DADDY3212d ago

But as soon as we saw the folks showing the thing off breaking a sweat on stage, I figured you could count me out. I don't play games to sweat, I play them to relax. I foresee this thing making a small impact and being forgotten about in 6 months after release.

gaffyh3212d ago

It looks like it works, whether anybody can actually be bothered to play a game like that is the issue. When the woman was driving the car, she needed to be holding something, it looked incredibly uncomfortable to play the game like that. Also when interacting with the NXE, I'd rather use the controller.

I've had a Wii for 2 weeks and I'm already bored of it, I'm not going to waste my money on this (and it is rumoured to be over $100)

Tony P3212d ago

In my book, exciting new tech trumps some game announcement. A new game is great, but a new way to play has oh so much more potential.

People who are saying this is just causal stuff have every right to imo. Wii pulled the same trick when the hype was strong. We all thought waggle would change the way we game forever. And it did, but not in ways we liked. Hopefully they can put this Natal tech to better use.

finbars753212d ago

I think its pretty cool dont get me wrong but i noticed that the faster the women was moving to hit the balls the body on the screen was a little behind.Really Duh I dont think its the fanboys at all.This deosnt come out until late 2010 possibly 2011. Which is enough time to get it exact.I did watch the sony show and there motion capture was out before the xbox obvisouly but there controller capture was 100% on the money and alot more fasanating to watch.Dont get me wrong i think both motions are great and we are all going to win no matter what the outcome is.

indysurfn3211d ago

Microsoft, they are the original makers way back in 1998! Wii came out in

november 2006. Some people are not able to think outside the box and

research something. They will repeat the FIRST criticism a person comes

up with. And NEVER research the truth. So how are ignorant people acting

like Nintendo made it? The first one was made in 1998 by microsoft for a

PC game they made called microsoft flight simulator. The controller is

called the 'side winder' I bought one I know. But here is your proof if

you was not born yet. Also guess where the

first webcam motion detection device appeared? That's right on a pc using

microsoft windows.

1 First motion controller was made by Microsoft.
2 First motion detecting webcam was by Microsoft.

No WONDER they are the ones to make a controller less

phosphor1123211d ago

My spinal column is compressing (i'm 19 btw) my adolescent arthritis isn't good for me. If I can play plenty games sitting, I can do that. Sony's/Nintendo's is more flexible. Since its hardware based, I can sit down to play them.

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The Master Chief3212d ago

I wanna see the Lionhead game, that looks so cool and surreal.

really duh3212d ago

*Fight Night
*Dance Dance REVOLUTION!!

RememberThe3573212d ago

Agreed. If anyone is going to take advantage of this my bets would be on Peter Molyneux.

You can say what you will about him. But the man is a visionary.

theEnemy3212d ago

if they make Tekken 6 or SF4 compatible with Natal.


Thugbot1873212d ago

There are so many games they can make with this. Star Wars, being a Jedi using this would rock. Any sword fighting game, football game, RPG's. Fighting games...

King_many_layers3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Natal really is an incredibly interesting and possibly gaming changing device (for the better and for fun *thumbs up*). I really hope that developers can be creative with this and give some incredible experiences.

love the example of fight night.
One example I'd love to see would be like a wrestling game, bare with me, I know it's not for everyone. But to get that incredible sense that you are actually performing such moves, very satisfying.

theEnemy3212d ago

lol yeah, boxing.

Not sure about wrestling though. You need atleast a dummy partner to do a figure-four-leglock. :P

King_many_layers3212d ago

true that some things could get a little difficult, but I'm sure that if it was based upon commands, it could work... for example:
Lean forward, grab feet, lift up and then leg over.

I was thinking, like smackdown has press this then this.. it would be like, your movement are the buttons. ??

you kinda see what I mean ??

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Forrest Gump3212d ago

Right on the money.I'm also questioning its price,if the rumored $200 is the price point for the peripheral,then I think we can safely say this camera is going to have difficulties at retail.

FamilyGuy3212d ago

Even with M$ background of over charging for peripherals I don't think they'll make a mistake that big.

Simple question:
What's it worth to you to have "Minority Report like controls" on your Xbox 360?


^^^^ alot ! i know my Mrs was impressed...

FamilyGuy3212d ago

I wish my girl would sit around watching E3 coverage or at least the press conferences with me :(


Funny thing is she is not even a gamer.

she just happened to catch me watching some of the E3 stuff, she does love her tech stuff though ( she works for yahoo )

she saw the forza 3 video and thought some of it was taken from real life footage. I kept telling her its all computer generated, she didn't believe me. lol..

but ya, and you imagine the ladies coming round, you switch your 360 on and the dashboard pops up on a huge 40" lcd with Face book and twitter... then you start navigating round it by just moving your little finger ! tell me what woman would not be impressed ( you know how they all love facebook and twitter )

USMCj3212d ago

lol my girlfriend has a better K/D spread then some of my friends on COD4.

ASSASSYN 36o3211d ago

My GF got excited about it too. She rarely plays games.

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UnblessedSoul3212d ago

It works when you do simple commands but anything else and it will not work, still it's a pointless idea to have unless you live in your basement and are needing some friends

green3212d ago

What kind of commands would you like to see it do?

DixieNormS3212d ago

and look at it now. YOu are in need of a reality check.

FragMnTagM3212d ago

Also in need of less

Omega43212d ago

I hope it doesnt cost mountains of cash cause it does look extremely unique and innovative and if MS want to capture the Wii market (and likely any hardcore gamers) its going to need to be cheap

green3212d ago

It is very unique and very innovative.Imagine it being used for tactical shooters like were you use hand gesture and your voice to issue orders to your squad.It's potential is limitless.

But as impressive as it all sounds, it all comes down to one thing and that is price.If they can make it cheap and then bundle it in every console sold at no extra charge then it will be a success.

FamilyGuy3212d ago

They COULD charge a high price for the thing but bundle it with a few games/apps that would make it seem worth the cost.

An ideal price point would be $50 but for the tech id say they HAVE to charge AT LEAST $100.

Guessing games suck though, especially when no one knows the answer so we'll all just have to wait and see.

Omega43212d ago

I dont see them bundling for free with every console that tech looks expensive, they might bundle it with just the arcade but i still think its doubtful if they want to make money.

Its probably likely they will release it at a reasonably high price and include games with it, wouldnt surprise me if one of those games was Halo: Reach, cause that 'reach' part in the name could be referring to motion control

FamilyGuy3212d ago

I didn't even think of that, "you're a smart fella." +Bubbles
That makes so much sense...

green3212d ago

The problem with bundling it with games is that it is expensive and without a doubt will raise the RRP of the game.DOn't expect any 3rd party dev to bundle it as well because there is a big possibility that the game might tank.

But if they can get it out and bundle it with every console sold without really doing a price cut then it will be forced into the hands of way more people.And if it's sold for little more than the price of a game then the existing user base would jump in if some sold hardcore games are made using it.

Marceles3212d ago

Welp we'll see guys, actually we have seen for games that are programmed to use Natal to its full extent at least, but for retail games. All we don't need is another Sega Activator lol...but so far so good. At least you're not locked down in an octagon.

psycho3603212d ago


Imagine the COD4 sniper level and in reality you'd lie down and use virtual gun. Man the possiblities are endless and what can we expect when Steven Speilberg is involved in some projects for it. Yesterday was one heck of a proud moment for 360 fans after getting bombarded by ps3 fanboys for last few months about lack of 360 games for 2009. Definately a watershed moment in 360s life.

CrayzeeCarl3212d ago


But part of the problem with using these motion controls is that you won't be able to see what you're doing half the time. Do you want to strain your neck looking up at the TV so you can see what you're doing while you're lying on the floor, trying to snipe?

And how do you turn around in an FPS and still be able to see the TV?

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