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IGN E3 2009: I've Played Natal and it Works

IGN writes: "Following up on its successful E3 press conference earlier today, Microsoft held a special hands-on event at the Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles this evening. Besides showing off the latest versions of games like Halo 3: ODST, Forza Motorsport 3, The Beatles: Rock Band, and Shadow Complex, Microsoft also had special "behind closed doors" demos of two of its more secretive projects, Project Natal and Alan Wake." (Project Natal, Xbox 360)

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RememberThe357  +   2248d ago
I don't think anyone is doughting that it works
People are questioning it's uses though.

I personally can't wait to see what they do with it. If they do this right, this could very well be the future of gaming.
really duh  +   2248d ago
"I don't think anyone is doughting that it works" Its just that a handful of fanboys are hating on it.
FamilyGuy  +   2248d ago
Who doubted if it worked?
The only doubt im seeing on this site is the 1080p instant play streaming.

Im not even doubting the support behind this devise because, by the looks of it, it was an expensive investment for M$ and i don't think they'll let it get low support.

I only wonder how much the thing will cost.
SeNiLe911  +   2248d ago
I could see this changing the way we use our entertainment center.
The entertainment center is in standby mode, I walk into the room and it comes to life with Natal greeting me. No controller or remote I can control everything with a swipe of my hand or the use of voice commands to watch TV, play a movie, play a game, video conference, social network, surf the net, you name it, I see the entertainment center doing it all with no remote or controller one day. That doesn't mean we won't have some type of peripheral to work with it but everything will be more simpler with less remotes and controllers. Very cool stuff but could be a few years before we see Natal in the living room.
cherrypie  +   2248d ago
Natal: epic game-changer.

You totally understand this. This is way beyond any motion control we've seen to-date.

It is game-changing.

Natal was the highlight (beyond MGS-Raiden, SC, AW, last.fm.. wow, just wow).
SaberEdge  +   2248d ago
I think Natal was easily the highlight of the show, even among all the other awesome announcements. It wowed me more than anything.

The potential of this technology is staggering.
Ghoul  +   2248d ago
i totally love the tech, i know about this a bit longer from other science projects and seeing this moving to consoles is awesome.

BUT seriously its way to early to present it on a e3 its a rough concept with very early alpha tools and software. for my taste they should have at least waited to e3 2010. this tech is to far from beeing presented as the new messiah in gaming controlls.
SL1M DADDY  +   2248d ago
I'm sure it works...
But as soon as we saw the folks showing the thing off breaking a sweat on stage, I figured you could count me out. I don't play games to sweat, I play them to relax. I foresee this thing making a small impact and being forgotten about in 6 months after release.
gaffyh  +   2248d ago
It looks like it works, whether anybody can actually be bothered to play a game like that is the issue. When the woman was driving the car, she needed to be holding something, it looked incredibly uncomfortable to play the game like that. Also when interacting with the NXE, I'd rather use the controller.

I've had a Wii for 2 weeks and I'm already bored of it, I'm not going to waste my money on this (and it is rumoured to be over $100)
Tony P  +   2248d ago
In my book, exciting new tech trumps some game announcement. A new game is great, but a new way to play has oh so much more potential.

People who are saying this is just causal stuff have every right to imo. Wii pulled the same trick when the hype was strong. We all thought waggle would change the way we game forever. And it did, but not in ways we liked. Hopefully they can put this Natal tech to better use.
finbars75  +   2248d ago
Not to sure about whats going on here
I think its pretty cool dont get me wrong but i noticed that the faster the women was moving to hit the balls the body on the screen was a little behind.Really Duh I dont think its the fanboys at all.This deosnt come out until late 2010 possibly 2011. Which is enough time to get it exact.I did watch the sony show and there motion capture was out before the xbox obvisouly but there controller capture was 100% on the money and alot more fasanating to watch.Dont get me wrong i think both motions are great and we are all going to win no matter what the outcome is.
indysurfn  +   2247d ago
first motion controller
Microsoft, they are the original makers way back in 1998! Wii came out in

november 2006. Some people are not able to think outside the box and

research something. They will repeat the FIRST criticism a person comes

up with. And NEVER research the truth. So how are ignorant people acting

like Nintendo made it? The first one was made in 1998 by microsoft for a

PC game they made called microsoft flight simulator. The controller is

called the 'side winder' I bought one I know. But here is your proof if

you was not born yet.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wik... Also guess where the

first webcam motion detection device appeared? That's right on a pc using

microsoft windows.

1 First motion controller was made by Microsoft.
2 First motion detecting webcam was by Microsoft.

No WONDER they are the ones to make a controller less
phosphor112  +   2247d ago
If i have to stand for the Natal..I can't do that
My spinal column is compressing (i'm 19 btw) my adolescent arthritis isn't good for me. If I can play plenty games sitting, I can do that. Sony's/Nintendo's is more flexible. Since its hardware based, I can sit down to play them.
The Master Chief  +   2248d ago
I wanna see the Lionhead game, that looks so cool and surreal.
really duh  +   2248d ago
*Fight Night
*Dance Dance REVOLUTION!!
RememberThe357  +   2248d ago
The Master Chief
Agreed. If anyone is going to take advantage of this my bets would be on Peter Molyneux.

You can say what you will about him. But the man is a visionary.
theEnemy  +   2248d ago
I'll be f'ing amazed
if they make Tekken 6 or SF4 compatible with Natal.

Thugbot187  +   2248d ago
There are so many games they can make with this. Star Wars, being a Jedi using this would rock. Any sword fighting game, football game, RPG's. Fighting games...
King_many_layers  +   2248d ago
Natal really is an incredibly interesting and possibly gaming changing device (for the better and for fun *thumbs up*). I really hope that developers can be creative with this and give some incredible experiences.

love the example of fight night.
One example I'd love to see would be like a wrestling game, bare with me, I know it's not for everyone. But to get that incredible sense that you are actually performing such moves, very satisfying.
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theEnemy  +   2248d ago
lol yeah, boxing.

Not sure about wrestling though. You need atleast a dummy partner to do a figure-four-leglock. :P
King_many_layers  +   2248d ago
true that some things could get a little difficult, but I'm sure that if it was based upon commands, it could work... for example:
Lean forward, grab feet, lift up and then leg over.

I was thinking, like smackdown has press this then this.. it would be like, your movement are the buttons. ??

you kinda see what I mean ??
Forrest Gump  +   2248d ago
"I don't think anyone is doughting that it works People are questioning it's uses though"
Right on the money.I'm also questioning its price,if the rumored $200 is the price point for the peripheral,then I think we can safely say this camera is going to have difficulties at retail.
FamilyGuy  +   2248d ago
Even with M$ background of over charging for peripherals I don't think they'll make a mistake that big.

Simple question:
What's it worth to you to have "Minority Report like controls" on your Xbox 360?
DARK WITNESS  +   2248d ago
^^^^ alot ! i know my Mrs was impressed...
FamilyGuy  +   2248d ago
That's sweet
I wish my girl would sit around watching E3 coverage or at least the press conferences with me :(
DARK WITNESS  +   2248d ago
Funny thing is she is not even a gamer.

she just happened to catch me watching some of the E3 stuff, she does love her tech stuff though ( she works for yahoo )

she saw the forza 3 video and thought some of it was taken from real life footage. I kept telling her its all computer generated, she didn't believe me. lol..

but ya, and you imagine the ladies coming round, you switch your 360 on and the dashboard pops up on a huge 40" lcd with Face book and twitter... then you start navigating round it by just moving your little finger ! tell me what woman would not be impressed ( you know how they all love facebook and twitter )
USMCj  +   2248d ago
lol my girlfriend has a better K/D spread then some of my friends on COD4.
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2248d ago
My GF got excited about it too. She rarely plays games.
UnblessedSoul  +   2248d ago
It works when you do simple commands but anything else and it will not work, still it's a pointless idea to have unless you live in your basement and are needing some friends
green  +   2248d ago
What kind of commands would you like to see it do?
DixieNormS  +   2248d ago
nunchucks were a pointless idea
and look at it now. YOu are in need of a reality check.
FragMnTagM  +   2248d ago
Also in need of less bubbles...lol.
Omega4  +   2248d ago
I hope it doesnt cost mountains of cash cause it does look extremely unique and innovative and if MS want to capture the Wii market (and likely any hardcore gamers) its going to need to be cheap
green  +   2248d ago
It is very unique and very innovative.Imagine it being used for tactical shooters like were you use hand gesture and your voice to issue orders to your squad.It's potential is limitless.

But as impressive as it all sounds, it all comes down to one thing and that is price.If they can make it cheap and then bundle it in every console sold at no extra charge then it will be a success.
FamilyGuy  +   2248d ago
Not necessarily
They COULD charge a high price for the thing but bundle it with a few games/apps that would make it seem worth the cost.

An ideal price point would be $50 but for the tech id say they HAVE to charge AT LEAST $100.

Guessing games suck though, especially when no one knows the answer so we'll all just have to wait and see.
Omega4  +   2248d ago
I dont see them bundling for free with every console that tech looks expensive, they might bundle it with just the arcade but i still think its doubtful if they want to make money.

Its probably likely they will release it at a reasonably high price and include games with it, wouldnt surprise me if one of those games was Halo: Reach, cause that 'reach' part in the name could be referring to motion control
FamilyGuy  +   2248d ago
I didn't even think of that, "you're a smart fella." +Bubbles
That makes so much sense...
green  +   2248d ago
The problem with bundling it with games is that it is expensive and without a doubt will raise the RRP of the game.DOn't expect any 3rd party dev to bundle it as well because there is a big possibility that the game might tank.

But if they can get it out and bundle it with every console sold without really doing a price cut then it will be forced into the hands of way more people.And if it's sold for little more than the price of a game then the existing user base would jump in if some sold hardcore games are made using it.
Marceles  +   2248d ago
Welp we'll see guys, actually we have seen for games that are programmed to use Natal to its full extent at least, but for retail games. All we don't need is another Sega Activator lol...but so far so good. At least you're not locked down in an octagon.
psycho360  +   2248d ago

Imagine the COD4 sniper level and in reality you'd lie down and use virtual gun. Man the possiblities are endless and what can we expect when Steven Speilberg is involved in some projects for it. Yesterday was one heck of a proud moment for 360 fans after getting bombarded by ps3 fanboys for last few months about lack of 360 games for 2009. Definately a watershed moment in 360s life.
CrayzeeCarl  +   2248d ago

But part of the problem with using these motion controls is that you won't be able to see what you're doing half the time. Do you want to strain your neck looking up at the TV so you can see what you're doing while you're lying on the floor, trying to snipe?

And how do you turn around in an FPS and still be able to see the TV?
SmokingMonkey  +   2248d ago
"Natal" is spanish/portuguese for christmas
not hating on ProjectNatal or anything, I think this feature would WILL work extremely well for Fable3

imagine talking to the towns folk, pretty cool.
dazzalfc  +   2248d ago

Sorry, but as soon as i saw this, it reminded me of Eyepet
devilhunterx  +   2248d ago
and the PS Eye demos with virutal tanks
FragMnTagM  +   2248d ago
Not even close man
The footage of Natal was real, whereas that is completely fake.
Wolf873  +   2248d ago
What's so fake about it?
its the same thing. Motion sensing through Camera, instead of rolling the wheel of a car (would you count that as fake since that too is artificial), you're interacting with a pet. That's just overly defensing MS when PS3 has the same technology instead MS is expanding it more.

Have you ever seen or played Eye of Judgment, it was the same thing.
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Montreafart  +   2248d ago
Natal is vaporware.
Designed for Youre in the movies, lips, casual mini games and shiat like that.

As as obvious from the demo. ROFL painting an elephant?

It doesnt work on games like crackdown, halo, gears etc.

Thats why its gonna flop. Unless you dont mind spending 200 bucks just so you can browse through XBOX Live movies catalog by waving your hand around.

And yes, rumor has it, its gonna cost 200 bucks. It has voice, facial and movement recognition. Dont be surprised if it cost 200 bucks.

And I love how buggy that shiat was. The game demoing it, went apeshit when he tried to show the bottom of the shoe.
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tehReaper  +   2248d ago
Aww, someone's pissed off that Microsoft had another great E3.

Need a hug?
SpoonyRedMage  +   2248d ago
Do you even know what Vaporware is you idiot?

Duke Nukem Forever is vaporware!
Montreafart  +   2248d ago
Vaporware is Natal, just like that POS of a system, the 360.
A proper console doesnt have 33% break down rate.

That alone makes it a POS and VAPORWARE.
Add the following: disc scratching, ERROR 74, shiat battery life controllers, XBOX live fee, ancient technology and now the shiat thats Natal. Obviously, its more casual BS. Its in such early stages, that the shiat went apeshiat the moment the guy moved around to show his boots. Thats like what? 3 seconds of movements? The shiat cant even capture 3 seconds of movements and "translate it" on screen. And meanwhile, you dumb xbots act like as if MS just cured cancer and like this is the best thing to come to consoles.

Lmao, as it stands right now, the WII has more advanced motion sensing abilities.

Its lonely and sad to be an xbot for sure. With all the crappy games they have on their console and all the waiting on the promised killer hits.

MS told the bots to wait for Alan vaporware wake. The bots waited years until last night. And what a JOKE, Alan wake was. Time to wake up and smell the fking air like Alan, xbot. The game is fking trash.

Thats the supposed, KILLER GAME thats going to make all games look graphically inferior. Trust me bot, there is a reason why none of the fking bots are talking about Alan wake today. NONE. Because it was a freaking LET DOWN. And because Alan wake is now officially TRASH.

So much for the god of all graphics. So much for the "we can do killzone 2 graphics too".

BS, with that ancient piece of hardware you got there, its only good for heating your room.

Want to see my boots? ROFL, last year when Sony showed EyePet which is far more advanced than Natal, the bots made it seem like as if that baby shiat is worthless. Look at the fking hypocrisy today.

Want to paint some elephant Jonny? ROFL go spend 200 bucks to paint an elephant?

Flop is written all over it.
SpoonyRedMage  +   2248d ago
Wow, you seem hurt that MS had aan excellent show with games that haven't appeared at the last 5 E3s(cough*GT5*cough).

Shows how retarded Sony trolls are that you don't know what Vaporware actually means
theKiller  +   2248d ago
natal looks like
a receiver!!! yet its not responding well with the body movements!
AngryTypingGuy  +   2248d ago
You guys are incredibly bitter. It worked great, and even if there were a couple of bugs, you're acting like it's the finished product. Only an idiot (or brainwashed fanf@gs such as yourselves) would kid themselves into not seeing the potential this presents.

Sony's version of the WiiMote was pretty cool, but it's no Project Natal. I think MS was the clear winner this year at E3.
Arsenic13  +   2248d ago
Did you even read the article? Natal was demoed with Burnout Paradise. Its going to be used in some games.

If you prefer the Sony wand, at least it looks like a dildo. It will fit in there comfortably
Tr10wn  +   2248d ago
Did you remember that rumor about a MGS game coming to the 360?
it was true?
What about the "EPIC Games" exclusive announcement for PS3? that was a rumor too.
NewZealander  +   2247d ago
poor guy sounds really deluded, watch the full video where menues can be navigated minority report style, or even the fact that you can turn the console off with your voice.

and developers have the camera now, ubisoft for one are making a game for it, a propper 360 version of raveing rabbids would be awesome!

sony fanboys ony seem to offer two answers when it comes to MS, either they are copying, or they just suck.

natal is the killer app that 360 has been screaming out for, it is years ahead of anything else and if the fanboys cant see that then maybe they should quit gameing and take up knitting or something.
ef-u-2  +   2247d ago
I've been waiting to find a fanboy
you insecure loser you and sony suck listening to you butt hurt sony losers is my laugh of the day everything sony ever made is trash walkman=trash, discman=trash, car stereos=trash, home stereos=trash,dvd players=trash, sony was forced out of all these markets because they make expensive trash ps1=upside down trash, ps2=disc error trash, ps3=$600 ylod trash, eye toy=useless trash the video game industry is sony's last technology stand and their losing ground
morkendo  +   2248d ago
this NATAL thing
should of came out when YU-GI-OH was # 1 hit this natal is nothing but virtual world all you need is a duel disc with it.
ChickeyCantor  +   2248d ago
How well does it work in the dark though? Thats my only concern...

(Notice how many of you are actually "jumping" to wave like a "retard" as you all have claimed with a particular console? LOL, Gamers, a weird specimen...IM KIDDING put the gun down.)
FragMnTagM  +   2248d ago
It has been said it has
taken care of the low light conditions. Look at the trailer for it when the couple are watching a movie on the couch, (I know it is just a trailer)they are in low light conditions. It is not that hard to incorporate a night setting into the camera. Hell the camera for the 360 right now does a decent job in low light conditions.
XDF  +   2248d ago
Natal will be marketed like nothing before...and Microsoft Marketing for gaming are usual good and huge ie. Halo and Gears.

How can Sony or Nintendo top this?
JEDI WOLVERINE  +   2248d ago
"How can Sony or Nintendo top this? "

I dont think they can my friend.......i dont think they can.
kewlkat007  +   2248d ago
I was thinking imagine one of the BEST FISHING GAMES ever made?
sitting on the couch or make believe boat and casting...lol

What about playing cards and Poker tables...

This will be up to the developers creativity...
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JEDI WOLVERINE  +   2248d ago
If you think of the Wii Fit board
That sells like crazy for a hefty price - and its kinda limited with what you can realistically do

However the Natal is pretty much freeform allowing so much more movement amongst other things so even if it comes in at the same price (or more) as a Wii Fit board it will be a bargain.

If its like £80 and includes the Milo interaction there demoed then im in
SaberEdge  +   2248d ago
I am so glad that Microsoft didn't just go with something simplistic like the Wiimote. This is on a whole different level. I don't think people even realize the implications of this.

This is like the holy grail of input technologies. This has been a dream for a long time--to finally be able to control your software with no controller or other device, just your body and your voice.

Not that it will replace tradition input methods. Instead it will be an alternative to them for certain types of games and applications.

Truly exciting stuff indeed.
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Zhuk  +   2248d ago
E3 2009 will be remembered throughout history as the great turning point in gaming and the unstoppable rise of the Xbox 360 as the ultimate home entertainment device of all time.

With so many acclaimed AAA titles coming out these holidays and 2010 exclusive to Xbox 360, with all the hottest multiplatform titles looking and playing best on Xbox 360 and with Xbox 360's domination to continue into the future with Project Natal, it is safe to say that the PS3 is as good as dead.

The PS3 has been made to look painstakingly outdated and last gen by the Xbox 360. Through the magic of software Xbox 360 has accomplished far more than the PS3 could ever hope to accomplish, and the Xbox 360 has grown in so many ways that it truly is the ultimate home entertainment ecosystem this generation.

Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE have been the driving force of innovation and content this decade, with Project Natal this looks set to continue with a device that will change our world forever.
JEDI WOLVERINE  +   2248d ago
E3 2009 will be remembered throughout history as the great turning point in gaming and the unstoppable fall of the PS3 as the worse home entertainment device of all time.

With so many unoriginal titles coming out these holidays and 2010 exclusive to PS3, with all the hottest multiplatform titles looking and playing inferior on PS3 and with PS3's downward spiral set to continue into the future with poor exclusives, it is safe to say that the Xbox 360 is unbeatable.

The Xbox 360 has been made to look vastly superior and godlike by the PS3. Through the magic of software PS3 has accomplished far less than the Xbox 360 has and will continue to achieve, and the PS3 has failed in so many ways that it truly is the poor mans home entertainment ecosystem this generation.

PS3 and PSN have been the stuttering force of incompetence and failure this gen, with Home etc this looks set to continue with a device that will continue to fail us forever.
ssipmraw  +   2248d ago
"Through the advanced power of the 360, you can finally rest in peace as tonight we can officially announce that through the use of natal you can teabag your friends in realtime."
ZuperAmazingCooKie  +   2248d ago
Xtards, you should wait after Sony's conference
Anyway Natal would make a difference on Xbox 360 if it was bundled with every single 360, but there are 30 million 360s out there without it. Hell, what about my 360 webcam? Will I have to throw it to the waste basket? Piss poor attempt at stealing Wii's audience.
AngryTypingGuy  +   2248d ago
^^^^^ Hahahahahahahaha, a "piss poor attempt to steal the Wii's audience". What do you call that Sony wand then? LOL.
Arnon  +   2248d ago
That wand was literally terrible. Not in a fanboy sense, but actually terrible. I hope that thing is scrapped.
Arsenic13  +   2248d ago
Sony Wand = Dildo
Instinct_Gamer  +   2248d ago
Natal reminds me of that arcade game that came out like 15 years ago, it was a fighting game and you used your own body movements to control the fighter. This is not exactly a new concept. I prefer controllers over jumping, waving, and talking to TVs.
Hobadoon  +   2248d ago
You can't say what you prefer...
Until you play a game that uses this tech in a good way. This could be a new wave and it's weak hearing people say what they already prefer without having even tried it yet. Doesn't make any sense to me.

Wait, try it and then form opinions.

No one is saying that controllers are dying out but if this tech is used in certain games in a really innovative way, this could be just another medium used in gaming that will stick.

Don't dumb it down so dam quick.
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stonecold3  +   2248d ago
far as i know
m$ showing and the xbox did a a dissapointment show and teh xbox has nothing new to the table as we know xbox is far from dead and rip 2005 2009
jkhan  +   2248d ago
I loved the idea of Natal & if it turns out what Microsoft is promising it to be, just imagine what gaming would be in the future. No controller no barrier, play as you like. It's an awesome idea but I am still skeptic on the voice recognition and full body motion capture etc. working like the way they were showing.
LeShin  +   2248d ago
Admittedly, if this comes out and works just as it says it will, this makes the Wii look more and more like a cheap childrens toy! Of course, it's gonna be down to how much they market it (which shouldn't be a problem for MS) and how they support it so we'll see. The interesting thing is, I thought this was gonna be the sort of thing the Eyetoy or PSeye deliver but Sony didn't market or even fully support the PSeye (and I bought every single game for it off the store, which were really fun but now, nothing)

Side note and slightly off topic:

The ONE thing I give Sony credit for is Eyetoy Kinetic which I still use everyday and $hits all over the Wii balance board in trying to get you in shape so imagine my amazement when Ubisoft announced their camera based fitness regime saying it was the first of it's kind.....EVER.

Err... Ubi? (but admittedly not many people heard about it because agin, Sony failed to market it properly)
CDzNutts  +   2248d ago
Worst invention ever............
When I play video games, I want to relax, not move around. That DEFEATS the purpose.

1 or 2 games that use a "special controller" like DDR or Rockband are fine because they are specific to THAT type of game. You guys are telling me now that EVERY SINGLE GENRE OF GAME (from multiple developers) is going to be made for this thing? Now I have to MOVE AROUND while playing these games as if I was 6? Lame.

Nice option, but I'm not about to buy a whole system/console based around almost every game being developed that way.
Daoshai  +   2248d ago
I don't think you NEED to use it, play however you like.

Though if this works for FPS games, I have a feeling your gonna have to use it to compete
bjornbear  +   2248d ago
Its not innovative, just very perfected =)
And no one doubts it works, but as said before, doubts its real use/purpouse/gimmickyness. I mean was it made to sell? no hard core game is gna buy that =P if they do..it'll get old fast and/ or be used for parties.

I wouldn't get it..but I'm not a big peripheral maniac anyway =/

None the less, its interesting =) won't revolutionise gaming, thas f sure =P
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omimasum  +   2248d ago
imagine a porn game lol
Jockamo  +   2247d ago
porn game?
...how bout a RAPE GAME.

jazy  +   2248d ago
Xbox 360 having an identity crisis...
So whats it going to be.....

a Hardcore system with strong character driven story and hours of exploration?

or a waving your body for twenty minutes just to take a break from mediocre games.. (wii quality at best, just wait till the reviews come out)

I applaud Xbox for making such a bold move....But Sony is way ahead in this department...with LBP at its core....

SONY = CREATIVITY + AAA titles....now i guess xbox is trying to do the same.....Sony already has a PS2 BASED motion game like this called EYE TOY KINETICS (that was last gen BTW)......look into it everyone....this is nothing that innovative....

(i personally think the motion thing will fail to garner good games)

Lets see.....
#23 (Edited 2248d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Arnon  +   2248d ago
How ironic. Microsoft makes this amazing piece of technology, and you criticize it. Then Sony releases their dinky wand which does nothing but enhance the sensitivity of the Wii, and I bet you praised it.
pshizle  +   2248d ago
the smart thing for microsoft to do is
bundle natal with the xbox360 this holiday season to combat the wii.

hell they should bundle the zune HD with the xbox360 to compete against all fronts apple and sony.
randomwiz  +   2247d ago
ya... in my opinion, if Sony doesn't get their product out first, they lost. Natal is compatible with existing games right now, while Sony's controller is to be used for future games... atleast Sony has a release date
Xi  +   2248d ago
the thing is accurate enough to track finger movement.
so if you really wanted, you could just pretend to be holding a gun, to aim, and pretend to press the trigger to fire.
bujasem_89  +   2248d ago
i just saw the sony E3 Xbot's please jump off the highest cliff u can find and SPLAT it is soooooo obvious that the sony controller is way more accurate than ur stupid natal i mean did u see how he hit that guy with the sword it was 100% and it was NOT fake like ur stupid 20 years in the future commercial i mean that was live when u were live he couldn't even lift his shoe for pet's sake and the game FF14 EXCLUUUUUUSSSSSIIIIIIVEEEEEE for ps3 aaaah it feels so nice but hay u had 1 hole day of fun smashin ps3 lol now we get the rest of the year of smashin i mean did u see uncharted.. i just need to stop talkin TRICO OMG ok ok that is it CASE closed if i go on ill take the entire page have fun with ur sh*tty natal but cuttous on splinter cell and alane wake i gotta say good stuff
Tr10wn  +   2248d ago
Well i can safely said that Natal is a FULL body motion sensing not a hand motion sensing like the Sony one and that BOTH are still in a depth develop.

Leave your Fanboyism apart and start accepting the reality and stop using silly words that make you an ignorant (apart from being a fanboy).
The Kingslayer  +   2248d ago
From here on out Microsoft's best bet would be to bundle this motion controller into every Xbox 360. It's the only way that makes sense for their casual gaming ambitions. Honestly all the "hardcore gamer" needs is a real solid title that gets in the door, and we are sold.
Monkey D Luffy  +   2248d ago
It looked perspective until that guy called 'Nimbo' (you know, the orange guy) or something like that demonstrated it. Then it just looked messed.

P.S. Milo was wonderfully acted.
corbett  +   2248d ago
We saw some one paint an elephant, talked to a programmed little kid and it's supposed to change gaming? Please im not a little girl I don't need this stuff.

The Future sucks

Related video
Foxgod  +   2248d ago
Its a perspective of what can be done with it.
Next year on e3 we'l see retail games developed for Natal.
Wolf873  +   2248d ago
I must say this has got me intrigued,
Sony has this tech too but they haven't yet fully utilized it. However, I do have to agree with Sony people that somethings do need an actual controller in hand to really get the feel of the action. However, what MS is doing is pretty impressive.
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