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Submitted by Diselage 3233d ago | news

PlayStation 3 hardware sales plummet 82 per cent

Official Chart Track figures are in for the Playstation 3 and have revealed a sales drop of 82 per cent for the second week of release in the UK. says that Chart Track data is gathered from 7000 UK retail outlets representing 90 per cent of the software market, including GAME, Gamestation,, Asda and HMV.

A spokesperson for Chart Track confirmed the figure to this afternoon, stating: "Yes, sales of PS3 hardware have dropped by 82 per cent." (Industry, PS3)

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Bigmac573  +   3233d ago
What did they expect?
No console will sell the same amount of consoles from launch week. Durrrrrrr.

Some simple math for you all:

Europe got a million PS3 units for it's launch, it sold about 600k.
That leaves 400k to sell, so immediately there sales would lower about 60%. This is not based on lack of customer interest, it's based on PS3 availability.

That additional 20% drop means that they sold about half of the remaining units (200k) this week, which is still very good. Why is this such a big surprise to everyone?
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scarlett_rg  +   3233d ago
Here's some simple (CORRECT) math for you all:

1 mil units shipped.

600k sold.

400k remain.

If Sony sold ALL 400k remaining units... their sales would have dropped by 33.33%. (ie. They would have sold 200k fewer units than previously. 200k unit drop in sales out of 600k (100% of previous sales) is a 33.33% drop in sales... not a 60% drop as claimed by Bigmac.) So a 33.33% drop would be their best case... as it assumes that they sold ALL of their remaining stock.

A 50% drop in sales would indicate that they sold 300k units.

And an 82% drop in sales means that they sold 108k units... not the 200k as claimed by Bigmac.

Bigmac man, get you numbers straight before you get on here and have a crap-load of people blindly believing them. And ESPECIALLY get them right if you're going to tell people that it's "simple math".

(I haven't read the remaining comments, so not sure if anyone else posted proper numbers... but the ones I supplied above are correct (assuming that the article headline is correct).)
Bill Nye  +   3233d ago
Technically both of your conclusions are unfounded because the findings in the article are only from the UK.

And, no, I'm not suggesting there wasn't a drop in sales everywhere else in Europe.
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Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   3233d ago
Sony (is like your parents they make mistakes, but have to love them anyways,they have your best interests in mind)

Nintendo (is like your grandparents, it just not the same as when you were a kid, but you still fully respect them)

Microsoft(is like a drunk uncle, he`s fun to hang with, but he`s no one to look up to, he`s only concerned about fun in the moment, and if your not carefull he might try to take advantage of ya)

i`m out of bubbles so THANK U THANK U.
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vidoardes  +   3233d ago
Comment of the year. Give that man a hat!
darx  +   3233d ago
In that case...
I will take the drunk uncle. I am always up for fun.
SmokeyMcBear  +   3233d ago
ah yes.. that was an awesome comment, just classic, you're drunk uncle,
mandrake  +   3233d ago
Which one of the three would you swap dirty jokes with?
ammojoe  +   3233d ago
I don't care who you are, that's funny right there..
Also Known As  +   3233d ago
although i don't agree with it i'd have to yield way to the fact that your comment is pure genius. give that man another bubble.
Hayabusa 117  +   3233d ago
Seeing as I play games for fun, I'll hang out with the drunken uncle :)
specialguest  +   3233d ago
Whether it's 100% accurate or not, this comment deserves to be comment of the week. hahaha
Joe  +   3233d ago
Drunk Uncle
You buy a console to have fun!!!

Drunk Uncle all the way dude!!!
munish23  +   3233d ago
YES, that has to be one of the best comments ever, that was hilarious
Blackmoses  +   3233d ago
Man that is the Crown Jewel of all comments..... LOl that is sooo freakin' funny!!!!! LMAO.
FeralPhoenix  +   3233d ago
You keep cutting & pasting the same silly analogy, which doesn't make much sense when you consider that most child abuse cases are a result of PARENTS who molested, neglected, and otherwised abused their own maybe you should tell your Sony-Daddy you're old enough to tell now. -LOL
CyberSentinel  +   3233d ago
And like many Sony fans, their still living at "HOME", with Mommy and Daddy, and need their parents help to buy their Raystation 3. Come over to "Uncle" CyberSentinel's Crib, I've got something for all you Lemmings, that will help you pay for that PoS3.

@ Anego Montoya: I guess you think your comments make you "mature"? perhaps even "clever"? Think about this, Sony only has MGS4, do you really think 50 gigs are really needed for MGS4? Do you really think it will have more "gameplay time" then Oblivion? No. It will be nothing more then 10 gigs (if that) of game data, 40 gigs of FMV. I can guarantee it wont have more then 40 hours (if that) of gameplay. Lemmings like you, really believe Blu-ray will be utilized for gaming data storage this generation. I will make a bet with Lemmings...If MGS4 has more "gameplay" then Oblivion, (estimated 200 hours) then I will leave theses forums for good. If it does NOT have more gameplay time then oblivion, (after all its so HUGE it NEEDS blu-ray) then all lemmings make a mass exodus. Any takers??? I didn't think so.

@ Anego Montoya: Another fact to consider, it was alot easier for Konami to have a "hit" on PS2 when the last console generation was dominated by the same brand platform, you have a 200+ instal base, and ZERO competition. All you needed where 3 million sales to have a "Hit" title. This time you don't even have a 3 million fan base. If and when Konami is FORCED to accept the truth and try to bum their crappy game onto my "GAMING" console of choice, I hope sales are dismal. I will laugh uncontrollably at my computer screen, with My finger pointed at the monitor and say, "I told you so! HA-HA! Lemmings!!!".

Blind Lemmings, You Can't Win.
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RJ2000  +   3233d ago
Play with the uncle
Just remember... dont' fall down face first after he drugs you.
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   3233d ago
Thank You.
It`s Only MY opinion.
but i believe it to be true.

Honestly thou, if you agree or not how can ya say ya want the drunk uncle takin advantage of ya, it goes to show ya some people will say ANYTHING to defend theirs.

That`s just creepy, your talkin to a bunch of guys.
and what are you 12? "raystation" seriously......."raystati on"
That`s the best you got.

To everybody else thanks for the bubbles.

@ cybersentinal
Oblivion huh, that`s probaly why it doesn`t work as well on the 360 as it does on the ps3.
No MGS4 will not be longer than oblivion.
But it`ll will look a hell of alot better.
and that takes up space.(yes even during gameplay.
I can tell you one thing it will be longer and more in depth than Gears and look better.
Stop responding it just makes ya look dumber than you already do.
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CyberSentinel  +   3232d ago
Death To All Lemmings
@ Anego Montoya: "Oblivion huh, that`s probaly why it doesn`t work as well on the 360 as it does on the ps3."

Fact: Oblivion received a better score, EVERYWHERE, for the X-360 then the RayStation. Look it up Lemmings.

P.S. Learn how to spell.

Illiterate Lemmings, CyberSentinel Loves You.
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ThaGeNeCySt  +   3233d ago
i guess it looks worse since they were breaking sales records with their launch
Black Republican  +   3233d ago
and before all of you PS3 haters come here and start bashing it.

Remember do all the bashing you want but either way you look at it
the PS3 launch was better and has beat the X360 and Wii launch.

OK their was Wii and X360 shortages,
SO the PS3 still sold more at launch, and that's the bottom line.
Black Republican  +   3233d ago
double post
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kewlkat007  +   3233d ago
The best line I've seen today..
"Sony (is like your parents they make mistakes, but have to love them anyways,they have your best interests in mind)"

Anyhow yes this was expected..It sold well last week. I mean it doesn't debut every week ya know....I think we all called this one out last week.

Unless you can forgive dadda and momma Sony, for they will do better next week... don't forget to give granny kisses and let your Uncle know he has a serious drinking problem....
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Neutral Gamer  +   3233d ago
Reserve your Judgement
This is isn't surprising because once the hardcore gamers and loyal fans have bought a new console there's an inevitable large drop in sales (although the Wii may appear to be bucking that trend as it appeals to casual gamers).

Now the proper race can begin. In a few months we'll have a very good picture of how well the three consoles are selling against each other now that all of them have fully launched.

I reserve judgement until then.
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TheMART  +   3233d ago

Like I said

I already told you so
I already told you so

It'll go the same way as USA. 360 selling constantly every month, PS3 600 Euro is fine for fanboys, but it's too expensive for the average gamer, period.

They need to act quick and get the price down otherwise PS3 is doomed

@ Anego (above)

Dude, your drunk yourself. The 360 has the best gaming experience now and I bet it will keep that during it's life cycle. With upcoming titles and ingame stuff we get and the PS3 doesn't (CGI Kill Zone 2 whats there else? Nothing), for example Mass Effect, Bioshock, Forza 2, Halo 3... It's not fun for the moment alone.

What you're talking about is Sony keeps you waiting. Waiting over and over again.

last year they said in Spring: Sorry we delay the PS3, just wait
They said: true HD will start when we launch, all games will be 120fps @ 1080p in 4D.

All there is are mediocore games or even below at highest 720p and like COD3 it may be happy to get up to 30 fps where the 360 does 60fps

Now they say: wait untill the good content arrives. Uh dude. The good content is already on the 360.

You need to take some medicin and glasses

Plus we do a little calculation here...

82% decrease in the land of gaming UK.
Which makes sold 18% of last weeks sales in UK. They sold 165k. @ launch. So 18% of that is nearly 30k. The decrease in the rest of EUrope will even be stronger, because it isn't like UK so crazy over Sony stuff and is less into gaming then overthere.

@ Deepbrown (below)

How do you get 425k dude? 165k first week. 30k last week. That's 195k in two weeks. The coming weeks the decline will go on. Let's say they manage to sell 20k each week. That makes 235k max. in a month dude.

@astroboy2k5 (below)

How is a short supply possible if

220k was shipped to UK before launch. 165k was sold. 55k left. 30k sold last week, 25k of launch shipments still in stock for the coming week. And shipments are regularly. Probably even more in stock after launch.

Thus the PS3 isn't in short supply. Bullsh!t. It's not selling

@ Anego Montoya (below)

That's funny. My PS2 drive broke down on me as it did with many other people. Kid of my sister, 12 years old one broke. He cried a river about it and bought a 360 this time around. Many of my friends PS2's stopped reading discs also.

Sony said it was because the people didn't use the drive right. Ofcourse Sony. They wanted to let you pay if they would repair it heavily. ANd the console was gone for months and months.

The 360 in Europe at least, has a very well warranty program. Two years full. Within a couple of weeks back. All of my friends with a 360 now, about 30, only about one had hardware problems. And got back a new one real fast.

So that makes your story useless there dude. Be sure, the only thing I follow is the best overal gaming system. I had them from MSX-1 and MSX-2, to Amiga 500/1200 (ruled compared to PC back then), Megadrive, NES, PS2, XBOX and now a 360.

One thing is for sure, don't follow Ken, because when you turn your back on him, he'll put it right up in your ass

@ Keyser (below)

Don't agree. Many former PS exclusives are coming over to the 360. MGS4 isn't secured by MS, Final Fantasy isn't either. If they come over, there isn't so much to justify 600 euro over, is it. And don't come with all those game names that haven't proven itself yet we've only seen some CGI from.

Sony pushed its BluRay player over a gaming device. That's why I, a real gamer just see the line of devices above, won't buy it. And that's why I say to others, don't bother about it, get a 360. All by the knowledge of lying Sony.

Although I will say: buy a PS2 and God of War 2 with it. And get a 360 for the next gen stuff
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Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   3233d ago
sure bud.
i had both.
Anyone who has both will tell ya.
I had the dreamcast and the ps2.
anyone who had both will tell ya.

Xbox will abandon you.
like they did w/ the 1st xbox, the core, and now the premuim.

I know what you are. your a FOLLOWER.

you like the kid who joins a gang cause your to scared to stand alone.
ya wanta know what MART.
I`ll see ya in a few years,on the sony side.
when you 360 breaks. your REDO breaks.
I had the 360(broke twice) MS assistance told me " the lasers aren`t the greatest"
and your not gonna convince me it`s better.(do you own a ps3, No.)

MS will abandon you.
PETER MOORE has proven nothin except he`s know how to drive a business in to the ground.

This is the Dreamcast all over again.(which peter moore launched)
Dreamcast lost it`s legs w/ CD`s vs. DVD`s.

Don`t Follow Peter FOLLOWER.
##?.1 (Edited 3233d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Keyser  +   3233d ago
At first I thought you actually felt this way but after reading quite a few of your posts I know now you do this on purpose.

After Killzone 2 there's nothing?...Seriously, you know about Lair, HS, FF13, Ratchet and Clank, Tekken 6 blah, blah, blah. The same games the Sonyfanboys have ben drumming up for the past two months. You know they exist because you're a frequent poster.

I have a 360 and I'm unaware of all the KILLER games you're talking about. I've got GeoW. Aside from that, there aren't many must have PS3 games. iwas getting bored on my 360 and started playing PS2 games I hadn't beat yet.

PS3 has Resistance and Motorstorm but they definitely need more to keep you entertained for sometime, I would assume that's why the rumors of Lair and HS release are pending.

MS and Sony share most games. Few are exclusives and the ones that are are few on MS and Sony as compared to the games they share.

Somebody posted this before, if you're a SERIOUS gamer, you'll get both systems because there is something to miss if you go just one way.

Fanboyism is for people with shallow pockets.
tethered  +   3233d ago
themart has got to be the biggest fanboy ever.

He is quite comical.
techie  +   3233d ago
And PS3 owners will enjoy the 360 exclusives coming over to the ps3.

But still of course the price isn't justified without more games. I'm waiting until June like a lot of people.
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Arkham  +   3233d ago
With each post you're looking more and more like a random-comment generator drawing content from a very limited database.
forget_123  +   3233d ago
= =
sorry i am new, just wondering is there a way tha i can ignore this guys'(themart) message forever ? feel like wasting time to load his comment, making the page longer than it should be.

i mean he always just blame on this and that. i mean what's his problem? he probably mentally injuried or something that if one day he does not blame someone , blame sony he will die.

he is very typical type of trying to find bones from fresh egg.

he should go see some doctor, make sure he still under control.

everyone can give comment, but what's the point of posting countless meaningless flame post everywhere? it just wasting my time to load your comment, can someone teach me how to ignore him forever ?

not interested to see his post anymore.. cz they are just repeating over and over again saying samething. come on, if it's something true, people will eventually know it, u dont have to spread the hate of sony everyday... well u working really hard.. or maybe it's ur job. who knows..

anyway. sorry for my long post, but if there is a way to block him forever plz let me know, thx

edit :(eh.. sorry i am being dumb.. just realized there is an ignore button, hope that works :) )
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fenderputty  +   3233d ago
Directly from your mouth
"@ Deepbrown (below)

How do you get 425k dude? 165k first week. 30k last week. That's 195k in two weeks. The coming weeks the decline will go on. Let's say they manage to sell 20k each week. That makes 235k max. in a month dude."

LOL ... @ 235k a month, the PS3 will still be doing much better then the 360 in the EU. You're a tard.
InMyOpinion  +   3233d ago
Amiga 500 was the shiznit...
sloth4urluv  +   3232d ago
The Mart always does make me laugh, but he does make some good points.

Kinda frustrates me that the ps3 had an extra year for developers to make something for and its still slim pickings for the ps3.

People just seem to equate sony's previous winning as a sure thing and that the ps3 has it in the bag just because its sony.
It's kinda like roulette if black comes up 5 times in a row and you keep betting on black because you feel its a sure thing then eventually your going to lose.

Seems like the only thing keeping it afloat is the bluray (I myself am looking at one for a bluray player), and the promise of good games.

Its just too much for too little games right now.

(ther go all my bubbles :(
techie  +   3233d ago
Lol of course it has. 165,000 in four days. How could that be matched?

But yes significant fall. Worrying for Sony? Perhaps...

Still 30,000 a week, with double at christmas (low estimate) brings UK sales to 1.5million (360 sold 1.9million in the whole of Europe last year)
#9 (Edited 3233d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
astroboy2k5  +   3233d ago
Maybe its because 80% of the PS3's that were sent to the UK were sold in the first week.
Obviously, they are short on supply.
Longhornbevo  +   3233d ago
Thats kinda what I was thinking.
LSDARBY  +   3233d ago
30k is great. Good job sony
Marty8370  +   3233d ago
Ofcourse Sales Will Go Down, When Stocks Get Low.
Point is Sony supplied more PS3 units at launch, once launch stock sells out. Sony needs to keep retail supplied with units. So untill this happens sales will go down. Makes perfect sense. Its been happening all a time with Wii since launch. Only cos Nintendo are shipping so low ammounts of Wii units.
EasilyTheBest  +   3233d ago
Haters...? You can dress it up as much as you want a drop of 82% in the second week is awfull for Sony.
Its 82% remember not 30 50 or even 60%...
Hey if you ask me its a good thing, everyone has always complained about the PRICE and now it seems we were correct, Sony is just asking to much for their console. Price drops galore, alot sooner than anyone predicted.
Oh, and I aint a hater, I think with a built in Blu-ray player the PS3 is quite good value, but Im a Hardcore Gamer who knows what Blu-ray is, the average buying public just see a £425 Rip off price tag..
XxZxX  +   3233d ago
huh? what do you expect? they only have 200k around and they almost sold up to 195k in second week, you tell me it's not good. You can bring me the negative statistic if you want to. But they sold ~97.5% of allocated PS3 in two week is not a good thing. Come on man, spin all you want to. 97.5% of allocated PS3 sold in two week are great accomplishment to sony.
#13.1 (Edited 3233d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
sajj316  +   3233d ago
negativity ...
If PS3 dropped anything more than 50%, it's expected that Xbaboons would be all over this like a monkey on viagra. A drop is inevitable. A drop is inevitable. Let me repeat, a drop is inevitable. The real fight begins now that both consoles are on the market. Is 82% significant. I would say so, but very explainable.
r1000  +   3233d ago
A very good comment made by Anego... followed by...

XBaboons... HA HA thats a good one....
Skizelli  +   3232d ago
And how do you think you make yourself look as an obvious Sony drone by calling 360 owners Xbaboons? Certainly not any better.
theagony  +   3232d ago
Skizelli you are a baboon
Black Republican  +   3233d ago
so as far as i was aware the first week ps3 sold

600 000, maybe more, or maybe i am just wrong and it did not sell that much. I could have read wrong or just misinformed.

so 82% of 600 000 is 492 000; 600 000 - 492 000= 108 000

so selling 108 000 is the second week is bad??? if you ask me that's still good.

they will meet the 1 million mark easy.

but after this month I think it will be a huge decline in sales montlhy, but this is a given common guys this is launch month.

The question is how much or what pace will it keep in europe in sales monthly.
TheMART  +   3233d ago
You can't calculate like that

82% drop is only for UK

That's a gaming country.
THe rest of Europe is less into gaming and will decline even at a faster rate.

so it's not 18% of 600k dude. No 108k, it'll be lower, much lower...
Antan  +   3233d ago
As predicted, and by no means a suprise. Only natural things would drop off. As new titles become available things will pick up. Also i think you will find more sales during the 4th week of each month as this is usually when people get their wages.
BIadestarX  +   3233d ago
Sony needs to do more to keep those sales up. If this continue to be the case they will have nothing to celebrate. They will not only have the title for the fastest selling console, but will also be known for the fastest sales drop in history. 82 per cent drop? Did that every happen before. If this continues it may be a sign of saturation. Meaning that previous purchases represent only fanboys that were waiting and had pre-orders for a long time.
Unless ofcourse is because they are sold out and need to re-stock.
This means that it's too early to tell it this is good or bad. We will know for sure in the following months. Let's hope it's not the same as in the US where the PS3 is available and yet sells keep sinking.

Edit History:
@Nasty Nas, I agree with you. Launching that many consoles have the effect of making you look good the first week and very bad the next. Sony earned the "most succesful lauch in the history of a console" but it may interpreted in a negative way in the following weeks. This is why I said we are going to need more time to know what's real and what's not. It's a double edge sword. Which is why many companies keep their products in low numbers to make people believe it's selling like hot cakes and they need to get one. I give sony kudos for trying doing this. They got balls.
#17 (Edited 3233d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Black Republican  +   3233d ago
I am in no way saying you are wrong, or trying to start some flame war.

BUT another way you could look at it is, has their ever been a launch with this many consoles available???

if the X360 and the Wii had the same amount of consoles at launch what would have been their numbers for the second week??? (% in terms of hardware sales)

I guess this is one of the bad affects of having so many consoles at launch the % in sales will lower a lot when no one has to wait to get a console.
Antan  +   3233d ago
The thing is Blade, how do Sony see sales of 30K? Are they acceptable to Sony? Did Sony say they expect to sell 1.5M this year in the UK? If you tot the figues up, by the end of the year they will be at just under 1.4M, this is at 120K per month and doesn`t include potential christmas period "bonus" sales. The percentage figure is high only because the launch week sales were high. The higher the sales, the bigger percentage.
sak500  +   3233d ago
I agree
They need to start offering more HD TVs free so that the sales pick up. There is nothing much to the console which I would pay so much money for, which i'm not getting already from my 360. I dont want to buy a bluray player yet.
ThaGeNeCySt  +   3233d ago
what was MS' sales drop after launch? anyone know?
PSN Starfleets  +   3233d ago
Not sure but from this website, it says it sold around 350,000 in the first week (North America).
SmokeyMcBear  +   3233d ago
since they said that it sold out everywhere.. i would believe the drop off would be 100%... you know because they claim it to be sold out
PSN Starfleets  +   3233d ago
Excuse me..
Whilst people are trying to defend the PlayStation 3 from the upcoming onslaught of 360 fanboys, I think they've ignored that a sale plummet of 82% is a negative and I doubt anyone expected the sales to drop that drastically considering the launch was just a week ago.

I agree with Bladestar in general. One of the reasons why I didn't get a PS3 at launch was because I didn't feel any of the games really justified the price to me personally.

No system sellers in short. And the system sellers are a long time ahead, so strap your belts on and brace yourselves for the next few weeks and months..
SmokeyMcBear  +   3233d ago
but if the 360 sold out as everyone claims.. wouldnt the drop off be 100%... sound in theory 82% is better than 100% right.. or I could be wrong, i dunno, spin it all you want
Loudninja  +   3233d ago
How is it a negative?
What in he heck did you expect?? A boost? Peopel really love to spin BS here
PSN Starfleets  +   3233d ago
My point
My point is not the fact the sales dropped. It is by the margin they have dropped by.

And the gentlemen with the avatar of large breasts - the difference is that no intelligent person can really compare the two systems in terms of launch. They were extreme shortages, personally it took me 3 months of intensive searching to get my 360.

But if the sales of the system dropped by 82% after only a week where supply was being taunted as HIGH, and everyone hyping the system, then it doesn't make sense to me ATLEAST to have such a steep steep drop in sales?

If it was e.g. lesser than 82%, then yes I can understand and expect it. But this is a negative.

And yes, the 360's shortages in terms of sales was also a negative. I am not touting one over the other here.
sajj316  +   3233d ago
GT ...
I do agree that an 82% sales drop is a large margin. No argument there. We don't know if stock was replenished after the initial launch release. Chances are, they weren't. If stock wasn't replenished than I could understand a high percentage sales drop (not enough units to sell versus launch day).

There are quite a bit of factors we don't know yet so I think its usless for us to argue about it. Its the consoles second week of release.
techie  +   3233d ago
I hate to point this out. But in Europe we can observe that even without shortages the 360 didn't sell well. 1.9 million in 2006 for the whole of Europe.

If the ps3 stays at 30,000 per week for the UK...(good base number)...that puts UK sales at 1.5million by years end. UK only...

Estimate for Europe based on that? Well the UK is about 28% market that total comes to 5.3million for Europe this year...I actually don't expect it to be that high. But still outstrips expectations and certainly 360 sales in a whole year.
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fenderputty  +   3233d ago
Seriously Deepbrown
The haters come in here and try to make this spin as horrid. I really don't see this as any sort of sign. Even at this pace the PS3 will twice outsell the 360 in less time.
Monchichi025  +   3233d ago
Do people not have Common sense anymore???

Someone please tell me one time in history the most expensive console on the market has won out!!!! Anybody???


Just like every other time in history, the product with the best value will win out. And sorry to tell you, Sony does not even come close to meeting that criteria, even admitting it themselves. That is not what they are after. They are after the HD-DVD market, which in the long run will be more financially benificial to there COMPANY!!! They do not care about the gamers, like every other corporation they want to make as much money as possible, not to please us!!

Sony knows they will lose the videogame market, why is it so hard for you to face that?!? Common sense people.
Armyless  +   3233d ago
In other news... Are Movies a thing of the past?
Ticket sales of movies dropped off sharply at around midnight last night according to market analysts. "We were shocked when we looked at the figures, but they are impossible to ignore. Last night around midnight, almost no movie theatre tickets were sold. We can't say at this point what kind of impact this will have but it is shocking to say the least." Movie producers were not available for comment at that hour.
PSN Starfleets  +   3233d ago
I think with the increasing Internet Speeds and distribution of illegal movies, I think the cinema's need to offer people a bit more honestly.

Otherwise in a few years, people will be able to download HD movies very quickly.

Personally, I cant remember the last time i went to the cinema.

*wink* *wink*
SmokeyMcBear  +   3233d ago
too funny
Keyser  +   3233d ago
Better movies, higher sales. Most movies suck!!! They should also offer something that you can't get at home. With my system at home, there is no reason to to the theatre but if they offered something I couldn't get at home then i may be inclinced to go. Over priced candy doesn't count either.

82% large number but I would be more shocked if they didn't sell any. People were anxious to get one...LAST WEEK! Now, you can't race to be the first on your block with one. Sales are bound to rise and fall with games that are released as someone previously stated.
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Loudninja  +   3233d ago
Umm dude,what did you expect
They sold most of they stock the first 2 days
chrisin3  +   3233d ago
So Sony is worthless .....
well folks, it looks like sony had the biggest launch in european history with over 600,000 units sold, lol, but wait their sales went down after the launch so now the whole console is completely doomed and sony sticks and microsoft completely rules, lol. Microsoft has halo and gears and a few others, so sony has no chance in hell. As if, sony is just some new guy on the block without any clue how the gaming world works. Give me a break... and yes, I just completely forgot how crappy metal gear was, and not to mention Hideo confirmed yesterday after the gaming conference, that metal gear would stay exclusive. It was in an interview with katuka or whatever that guys name is from the site of the same name. Look up the interview. It was on here yesterday.
Silver Bull3t  +   3233d ago
wait for me!!!
Am I too late for the PS3 circle-jerk?!!!

I am!? guess I'll go play some GAMES on my 360. MUAHAHAHAHAH!
darx  +   3233d ago
Am I too late for the PS3 circle-jerk?!!!
Thanx for the laugh.
Armyless  +   3233d ago
Help me out here... is your Avatar Janet Reno???
Cuz it sort of looks like him/her.
Silver Bull3t  +   3233d ago
almost forgot...
SALES DOWN 82%!!!!!!

I was hoping they'd keep selling soooooo many in the UK that we'd be able to dump those PS3s rotting on US shelves and make room for more upcoming 360 exclusives.

Maybe we can grind up all the PS3s nobody wants and use them as yard mulch, at least then they'd be worth something.
highps3  +   3233d ago
Typical 360 users
Then people wonder why that community is so horrible..

Going to be funny when the Elite launches lets see how well it does.
SmokeyMcBear  +   3233d ago
hmm lets see, 165,000 units sold at launch, an 82% drop off, so thats 30,000 units sold the following weak, hmm, so thats 200,000 units sold in 2 weeks. lets see, if that number holds (30,000 units per week), it'll be 1 million units sold by the end of the year, not including fluctuations for new games/christmas, for only the UK.. thats actually not too shabby if you ask me. And you know the elite is going to sell well.., but i would say 75% of those sales would be current users trading in their premium for the new toy. I mean I would, those premium units could crap out any day now, so get the new one with the warranty.
techie  +   3233d ago
Yes this fall was hard...but is it that significant? If it stays at 30,000 per week for the UK...I expect that to rise and fall on release of games, so it's a good base number...that puts UK sales at 1.5million by years end. UK only...

Estimate for Europe based on that? Well the UK is about 28% market that total comes to 5.3million for Europe this year...I actually don't expect it to be that high. But still outstrips expectations and certainly 360 sales in a whole year.

Questions welcome...

Just thought I'd add that the ps2 sales drop from first week to second week was...78% :)
ACE  +   3232d ago
fact is once all sony fanatics have 1 the sales figures will plumet to the floor for the ps3 . u brown r a super sony fanatic undercover u sir r a big fan boy stop bs facts .

thanks .
Loudninja  +   3233d ago
deepbrown you have a link for that man?
I just want to know thats all :)
fenderputty  +   3233d ago
SO 20% of sales still remain
160k * .18 = 30k units sold during week 2. That's supposed to be bad? When you consider the EU got around 200k total unit's, 190,000 units in two weeks doesn't sound all that bad.
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Aeroglyphics  +   3233d ago
It's for the UK only
So it dropped from 165k to 30k which is 82%.
As stated by deepbrown the PS2 dropped by 78% in it's second week.

I think thats even more impressive due to the fact that every one that was a hardcore Sony fan probably isn't counted in the 30k from this week. They would have probably been counted in the original 165k, due to them not having trouble aquiring one because of ample supply.
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Diselage  +   3233d ago
Still though having any left after a launch doesn't speak well for a console.
fenderputty  +   3233d ago
I just like how the 82%
thing freaks people out. Like sales were expected to remain that high. With only around 40k of the total units left after Launch weekend, 30k of them sold. That's bad?!?!?!?!

Also ... again .... as deepbrown stated, at this pace the PS3 will do more then fine.
Aeroglyphics  +   3233d ago
"Still though having any left after a launch doesn't speak well for a console."

This was unprecedented, never had there been a console with so much supply. If your statement was true then if a company had 5 million consoles at launch but only sold 4 million then that wouldn't speak well.
power of Green  +   3233d ago
82% thats not as bad as i thought it would be. J/K.
FeralPhoenix  +   3233d ago
Reality folks....
Some of you need to go back and look at your recent posts (look in the mirror). It's funny how predictable fanboys are....on one hand you tell us; "OMG look at the PS3 record sales, that means the 360 is doomed", now you say; "Why are people spreading FUD because the PS3 sales dropped 82%, we knew that would happen all along", really?...funny thats not what you were saying about the record sales.

Now understand this; of course all PS3 fans should have been excited that PS3 broke launch sales records and Sony deserve's congratulations for that accomplishment, which I said before, but the problem is when you look at everything with "fanboy goggles" you always lose perspective....because some of you laughed and refused to acknowledge the obvious difference/truth, which was both 360 and Wii launches were limited by supply yes, thats M$ and Ninty fault true but thats because they chose NOT to delay their launch which means like every other launch including PS3 in US and Japan there will be shortages for awhile and surely hardcore fans will buy them first, after that it depends on what the avg Joe thinks is a good deal....personally I like to get mine as soon as possible but I do think its good to have an abundance of supply when you launch so either way I think Sony did a good job.....still I think its fair to say no one expected them to drop so much in just the second week....thats not good, but of course it will have its ups and downs, its just amazing how some of you want to claim victory after every sign of good or bad news and over and over again you end up left with that bad taste in your mouth, (sigh) When will they learn?

How about a little reality folks:

The PS2 dominated last gen.

The playing field is much different now, all creditable signs point to it being a much closer race.

The 360 has some great games right now and there will be some incredible games in the future, the PS3 has some catching up to do but it will have its fair share of incredible games.

I have no idea what to say about the Wii other than its still kicking both consoles @ss.

What we say or think here on N4G has very little if any at all effect on how bad or good all 3 consoles will do. We are a only a very tiny slice of what the industry views as a whole, its the non-hardore, mass market, casual gamers think that will decide which console "wins" -if you can call it that.

Personal preference/Exclusives is the ONLY determining factor in deciding which console is best, don't assume because you have both(Anego Montoya) and you say PS3 is better that that is true. I have both I've only had PS3 for about 2 weeks so I can't make a fair assessment really although I will say that the PS3 just from a visual standpoint looks better than the 360, I mean the console itself looks pretty damm cutting edge IMO, the controller however feels cheap, can't really make any comments about games yet but so far there's nothing about it gaming wise that can "beat" the 360 what does all that mean....nothing its my opinion, I like them both but what really matters if you can only get one, pick the one that has exclusives you can't live without.

The only thing that is "doomed" is fanboys, yeah they will always be around to be laughed at, but their dreams of one console or the other "failing" isn't going to happen. The good news is that Gamers who appreciate great games will have more than enough to choose from, and its only going to get better.

Reality sucks, huh?
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MikeGdaGod  +   3233d ago
no wonder you won the bubble contest...
fanboys are doomed, we can only hope
Ps3007  +   3233d ago
Dude you officially have no life
tethered  +   3232d ago
This is what everyone here needs to read. Yes all sides!

""What we say or think here on N4G has very little if any at all effect on how bad or good all 3 consoles will do. We are a only a very tiny slice of what the industry views as a whole, its the non-hardore, mass market, casual gamers think that will decide which console "wins" -if you can call it that.""

This man has thought it all out!

Not that my opinion matters because we all know it doesn't but I am going to share it anyway. I believe the Wii is the one to beat and will be for a while.

I myself am a Sony guy because thats all I have owned sense Dreamcast and before that it was Genesis.

My friend owns the 360 and yes the games out now look great.

I have played all three. All three are great but I don't think it will be a blow out for Sony this time around. Sony will end up on top by only a little by January, 08.

Followed very closely by 360 and even closer by the Wii.
You can swap any one of those out for another just because it will be so close at that time that this place will be a madhouse with all the fanboy talk.

That is just my opinion of course.

FeralPhoenix, you speak the truth!
Great post!
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