Creat Studios Reveal Two New Titles

Creat studios reveal two new titles that are to be released this summer on the PSN, the first is a classic '80s PC game and RTS going by the name of Digger Wars, The second is, also an RTS but this time is fast paced and for all ages, called Mushroom Wars.

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DeforMAKulizer3481d ago

WOW!!! =D
Im in! =D
Love Creat's games! And apparently love the PSN! ^^
<3 E3

LiquifiedArt3481d ago

Digger looks stellar with the visual upgrade and that mushroom game is an RTS!! 4 Player!! Wooot!


RustInPeace3481d ago

I do welcome any and all new games, bt a little diversity would be good, especially 2 RTS games from the same dev. Savage Moon and PJ Monsters are already RTS, and at least one other game as well. I just hope they're good so my complaint of them being another RTS is put to rest.

SpoonyRedMage3481d ago

These are the same guys bringing Alien Havoc to the DSi you lucky people. Are they a good dev?