Man Wins Wii From Stacker Machine

For those who are wondering how this game works, here's a little description.

Stacker starts with a row of lights moving side to side. The aim is to try to line up each row so that they stack. Eg. If you start with a line of four, but you stop it and you're off by one, now you only have three for the next line. If you're off by two the next time, now you're down to one block. The margin of error gets smaller each time you miss a perfect line-up, and the blocks move faster and faster, the higher you go.

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Robotz Rule3852d ago

Amazing and very skillful,but wouldn't someone try to jack the Nintendo Wii off the machine?

It's possible.

Neutral Gamer3852d ago

Considering that Wii's are like gold dust in the UK, it looks like that for some people, this may be the best chance they have of acquiring one !

Syko3851d ago

I played 20 times in a row a got to the very top 90% of the time, But mysteriously it skip off the top block every time. I think it only lets you win when a certain amount of money has been put in. Anyways Kudos to this guy he must have been stoked !

pieman1212123851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

I've tried that game so many times and I'm always 1 square short of winning. Its so rigged.

Bad_Karma3851d ago

can 1 person say "dude" in a minute!?!