GCN Exclusive: Say hello to the PSP Go

Gaming Console Network's Sean Foster checked out his June episode of Qore and made a huge discovery. The "PSP Go". Check out the first pictures of the system.


My server is getting killed. Here is a link to a video I made to show this story is 100% true.

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Skyyo3007d ago

Looks pretty legit to me.

But it needs to be a phone for me to carry it around everywhere.

GCNSeanFoster3007d ago

If any of you are Qore yearly members go onto the PSN shop and go to your "downloaded" Que. The June issue says 'coming soon" but you can download it. That is how I got these pix. I nearly pooped my pants when I saw this. I apologize about the crappy quality, but I am sure within the next few days we will have high res images. But this thing is real...

La Chance3007d ago

to be a touch screen cuz I dont see why the had to put a slide up design.

wisso183007d ago

Is that sackboy in the first screen?

pharmd3007d ago

where's the analog stick(s)???

looks pretty tight though, im impressed, not at all what i was expecting

solideagle13007d ago

no dual analog??? what is it??


Downtown boogey3007d ago

where the other thumbstick is! Would've been logical to anyone but Japanese morons on the PSP department. It would have just been impicated into some games and great times would have greeted new buyers.

Ninver3007d ago

if real then this is looking quite nice. can't wait to get my hand on it.

aceitman3007d ago

downloading now at 54 percent i will comback with some answers and to back up will take pic if i can

CrazzyMan3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Though, the original PSP was a little pain for my hands, i wonder, how this one will hold in my hands... not sure, if it`s more comfortable...

And NO 2nd stick, come on....
Of`course, Sony don`t wanna screw those 50 mln. current PSP owners, but still, 2nd stick would be great, however no 2nd stick until PSP2.

Anyway, what the point of this model? Just a little smaller? And that design, looks kinda cheap...

snaz273007d ago

to be honest it looks pretty nasty, i dont like the colour it looks like some old handheld from the 70s lol (minus the slide, and the awesome lbp on the screen), well i was waiting to see which to get the psp3000 or the pspgo, but looks like its gonna be the 3000 now, the analog stick looks like its in an awkward place, well on the upside atleast the psp3000 might come down in price now so thats good for me lol, oh btw does anyone know if it has any extra power or anything? or is it the exact same specs as the psp?

sack_boi3007d ago

I hope that's fake. looks way too ugly to be real. sony is better at industrial design than that.

plus, that analog nub is in the worst damn location

Cwalat3007d ago

My honest opinion:

It looks ugly, the design and the colour choice.


Expected alot more, designwise.

leila013007d ago

Yeah that's...really ugly. Just make the PSP even slimmer and you have another winner on your hands.

Fox013007d ago

First the PS3 Slim, now this!? Somebody needs to get fired

shane0253007d ago

Such an ugly redesign if real. it's like they let a monkey design it.

snaz273007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

i thought i was gonna get loads of hate messages but looks like my opinion is quite a popular one... shame really.

edit: seven axis... im sorry mate but if i see something that looks awesome ill say "wow thats awsome" but if it looks like poo im gonna say that too, what, should i lie and say it looks great just to please you?... i say it how it is imo.

Sev3007d ago

That is 100% real.

I have pics of it as well. Since the cat is out of the bag. I am going to release pics of the box.

theEnemy3007d ago

Why you guys didn't add a second analog stick so that PSP Devs can make PSP games with better controls specially FPS ?

Is that a huge request ? It's not like current PSP games won't work if there's a second analog stick. Not to mention devs can update their game for it to work.

sniper-squeak3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

this is it...

@Sev, now's ur time to shine :D

PeterGriffinSays3007d ago

Do you N4G'ers have to complain about everything? It's like ya'll big babies throwing all your food back at ya mom.

Dannagar3007d ago

Looks fantastic! Where's the second analog nub?

xwabbit3007d ago

Y the hell do i keep getting account suspended LOL, cant see the pics!!

Tsar4ever013007d ago

This pic is pure BULLS**T!!!!

theEnemy3007d ago

the site keeps crashing due to traffic!

He said it has 16GB internal memory and a memory slot for expansion/

aceitman3007d ago

and confirmed metal gear grandturismo and lbp

40cal3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Daaaaaaaaaammmn, this PSP looks very nice, compact and portable compared to the 1000-3000 models. I wonder if there where any changes to the screen this time around.

I am going to want one of these bad boys but I have a ton of UMD content, so? I don't know yet, I guess I'll wait until I have all of the facts.

It needs to be piano black.

40cal3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

At 20 seconds did he just say that this was going to have 60 gigs? My bad, he said 16 gigs, that's more than enough though.

Gran Turismo and a new Metal Gear for PSP, oh hell yeah! And LBP is looking very nice also.

Bluetooth support is going to be a deciding factor for me on this one.

Omega43007d ago

Woah!!! that info deserves its own story lol

Grand Turismo just got confirmed for E3 as well as Kojima's puzzle being revealed

jcgamer3007d ago

Thanks for posting the link of the video looks better in the video...


sack_boi3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

WOW just so many AAA games for the PSP