Kotaku: Talkin' Metal Gear, Rumble and Exclusivity With Hideo Kojima

So Kojima's address at GO3 contained...not much, aside from a casual stroll down memory lane. Straight afterwards, though, Luke Plunkett of Kotaku had a chance to sit down with Mr. Kojima to talk Metal Gear.

The interview concerns the evolution of Metal Gear, how rumble will most likely make it into MGS4, and how the PS3 is the only platform suitable for this fairwell to the series.

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zantetsuken4274d ago

He pretty much said himself - "But like I said, MGS4 is aimed for the movie theatre, it's aimed for the PS3, so the game's scenario and graphics need this theatre-type hardware. It's when a producer has a game that can work on the 'DVD level' that a game will go multiplatform".

This should certainly put the damn rumors to rest. DL 50 GB BD FTW.

techie4274d ago

My favorite quotes.

"I want to implement it, rumble, yes", he says. "I'm not thinking about a patch, though".

"The PS3 is like the theatre, it's a little bit high-priced but it has to be high quality as well. The 360 is a DVD, it still needs to be high quality but you need more variations, while the Wii is almost like a TV channel, because every game you have it with your family".

So, Devil May Cry 4, going multiplatform. Thoughts? Comments? "I think it's up to each project, and the individual producer", he says. "If they want to take it multiplatform, they will". I'm going somewhere with this question, and he knows exactly where that is...

"But like I said, MGS4 is aimed for the movie theatre, it's aimed for the PS3, so the game's scenario and graphics need this theatre-type hardware. It's when a producer has a game that can work on the 'DVD level' that a game will go multiplatform", he says.

Why, I ask, do you think this rumour simply refuses to go away? "Because 360 owners want it on 360, obviously", he quips.

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nix4273d ago

why this post hit 1000 degrees. q:

Neutral Gamer4274d ago

I admit this has nothing to do with the game but if you have a look at the fullsize photo of Luke and Hideo on the Kotaku website you have to come to the conclusion that those two are clearly not photogenic. At all.

That picture just cracks me up. I mean was that really the BEST one they took?! Haha.

Still you gotta have a laugh sometime hey! :p

techie4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

lol you gotta laugh at them mirror each others pose. But still they must have got on...there's some amazing stuff that just came out of that interview.

LOL/ well my avatar actually is a South Park recreation of I look like that when you take a picture of me :)

Neutral Gamer4274d ago

Yeah you're right, they must have got on quite well for Hideo to reveal all that information. Looks like the camera gives a false sense of uneasiness - I like that they've both got their hands hidden away.

What are they trying to hide? Haha.

Still I can never smile properly when a picture is being taken. Here's some advice, the next time anyone's taking a picture of me (and I can see you all lining up to do so already), don't let me know. Keep it stealthy and you'll get a more natural picture.

** Extract from Neutral Gamer's 101 Photo Tips (c) 2007 **

CyberSentinel4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

If its not a simultaneous cross platform same day release, then konami can keep the title on PS3. Splinter Cell is a better game, anyway.

P.S. Konami don't think your gonna milk 360 fans with a year old MGS4, and do prolific sales. You made your choice, stick to it. We didn't want your crappy game on Xbox 1 when it was old, we won't want it then either.

@ Overated : I know there are some Xbox fans that would like MGS4 to be on Xbox360, Myself included. (not because I would buy it, just because I want MS to steal another exclusive from you lemmings) When I say Splinter Cell is a better game, I'm not trying to flame, I really mean it. That is MHO. If you like MGS4 so much, get a RayStation 3, because that is one of the VERY FEW third party titles that WILL be exclusive. MGS4 is NOT a system seller. It has a niche fan base, at best. MGS4 will NOT save the PS3. Its impact will be insignificant. GTA is a system seller title, and PS3 lost exclusivity on it.

@ Clinton514: No, I'm not kidding. The series is getting old, just like its main character. Even Hideo Kojima wants to put the franchise to rest.

@ NaAsAr: For the sake of argument lets assume MGS for the ps2 was the first TEA game, that doesn't mean it is the best. Personally, I find the Splinter Cell story lines to be much more realistic.

PureGamer4274d ago

Hmmm want me to own you with loads of 360 fanboys comments saying they would love for MGS4 to come over? or shall i spare you the ownage? d1ckweed

techie4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

YOu sir sound a little annoyed.

MGS series is classic and quality and he will get the best out of this title and push things further than has been done before.

The Mgs series surpasses Splinter Cell (my opinion...) but also supported by reviewers.

"As of March 2007, according to GameStats [8], the top 10 video games of all time are:

1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Nintendo 64 (9.8)
2. Soul Calibur, Sega Dreamcast (9.7)
3. Resident Evil 4, Nintendo GameCube (9.7)
4. GoldenEye 007, Nintendo 64 (9.6)
5. Metal Gear Solid, PlayStation (9.6)
6. Half-Life 2, PC (9.5)
7. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Nintendo GameCube (9.5)
8. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Wii (9.5)
9. Halo: Combat Evolved, Xbox (9.5)
10. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Playstation 2 (9.4)"

Oh and not a system seller? Who are you kidding!? When this comes out it will sell systems like hot cakes.

Metal Gear sold 7million
Metal Gear 2 sold 7million
Metal Gear 3 has sold 4.3 million

I don't know who your kidding Cyber. It's quite sad you say "not because I would buy it, just because I want MS to steal another exclusive from you lemmings"

You shouldnt care about that. Noone should. That's very depressing cyber. You sound more than anything...slightly threatened. Get over it.

It'll be a great game and thats all that matters.

**edit** GFT. MGS was a system seller. I'm sorry. Many people including my brother bought a ps just because it was one of the games on the system. Of course it's a system seller. Gears is a system's one of the reason why people go out and buy a xbox now.

A highly rated, wanted game is a system seller. And Gears is one of the best selling and rated franchises around.

It's cool you don't like it...I'm not too sure about it myself...but I know quality when I see it.

As regards to him working on the 360. Of course he will. There will be a new IP and it'll be on the 360 as well. That's all good.

Blackmoses4274d ago

All I have to say is game... set... match!
For some reason not too many people appreciate my comments as of late on here. Some people on here have extremely thin skin. Sad, because after all we are talking video games here, I'm not gonna stomp around here leaving comments as if someone just stole my bike. Anyways....

You gotta respect a guy like this because honestly. He's right, the only way to truly move a console, the only way to truly accent a systems capabilities is for producers to show that type of loyalty to a system and show what it's truly worth. Multiplatform games, yeah great, but any one company can do that.
To actually have the fortitude to say hey, this company is who we are going to promote for the next two years or however long. That's when you get some truly great games. With the exception of the Grand Theft Auto's and Madden's and so on and so forth, the really big games are exclusive titles because the developers made that commitment. All this exclusive jumping will eventually end and then the really landmark type games for this generation of gaming will come about.

All in all I am really excited for this game. If it wasn't for the Metal Gear series, I would have never gotten back into gaming after Super Tecmo Bowl!!!

Rockstar4274d ago

...and if you do you will see that after MGS was released on PS2 sales of the PS2 took off.

I'm hoping the same is true for the PS3.

Grown Folks Talk4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

gonna have to disagree with the system seller comment. 7, 7, and 4.3 million. out of how many PS2s? gears has already sold probably 4 mil with only 11 million or so systems in homes. most didn't buy a playstation for metal gear. they got metal gear because they already had a playstation. as far as which is better, i prefer splinter cell. i also prefer syphon filter (1 & 2 on PS1). that's just me. i don't like the metal gear style. i guess i'm the rare breed that doesn't care so much about the story. if i want to watch a movie, i'll pop in a dvd. i just want a background, a focus, and then let me play out or create the story through the game. i don't need 15 cutscenes in each level. i don't need a mini series between mission 1 and 2. just let me play. a lot of people would be happy if it came to the 360, if for nothing else, just because it wouldn't be a PS3 exclusive. i have and can continue to live without it. with all of the back and forth, it seems people have forgotten what kojima said long ago. i saw bill gates post it the other day on a thread. kojima said he wanted to work on all 3 systems. he also said he wouldn't make the same game for more than 1 system. it would be independent projects on each so that he could maximize each systems' strengths. but as usual, people only hear and see what they want to.

BBsin4273d ago

I didn't think someone could be so dumb. This cyberguy is as dumb as a fanboy can possibly get. Comments like that shows that you are clearly not even a real gamer, only someone that enjoys the taste of Microsoft Di(k. None the less, you are wrong as hel|, MGS has always been a system seller and MSfanboys like you want that game b/c it'll do wonders for Xbox360 sales wise. You must feel pretty crappy knowing that SplinterCell isnt even a MS exclusive Franchise and games like Bioshock and NG2 will most likey be out on the PS3. I've seen some dumb fanboys before, from sony to sega Fanboys, but you take the cake.

rowdy 14273d ago

is a step or 2 below Metal Gear. The Metal Gear series has been going on strong for a little over 20 yrs. Last I checked the latest Splinter Cell was garbage.

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Retro-Virus4274d ago

""But like I said, MGS4 is aimed for the movie theatre, it's aimed for the PS3, so the game's scenario and graphics need this theatre-type hardware."


PS-3 still has the 'mother of all killer-apps' exclusive to herself :)

razer4274d ago

MGS is a good game, but "mother of all apps"?? I don't think so..

Sony has been paying this guys paycheck for a long time, this Movie Theatre experience comments are funny. Let's see the game already!

I will own this on the PS3 but I'm not going to belittle the other consoles. For the 360, maybe you heard about a little game called Mass Effect?? Now if you want to talk about movie theatre experience this game seems to be right on target to that reference. When I've played MGS in the past it didn't feel like anything more than a shooter with long cut-scenes. I do understand what he is trying to commmunicate, however I don't agree you can only get that on the PS3. You can get it on the 360 or the Wii if the developer knows what he's doing. And the size of the disc imo has nothing to do with a cinematic experience, Mass Effect will be on 1 disc so I don't understand. If he is going to pack the game full of CGI I'm going to be disappointed because I buy games to play them not watch cut-scenes.

Good article however!