Mass Effect 2 - New images

Eurogamer Portugal published some new images from Mass Effect 2.

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Xeoset3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Another sweet game for the Xbox 360.

Cannot wait for this one! Such a great art style.

majorsuave3338d ago

I wish for romantic plots with Volus or Quarians....

No but seriously, what`s behind these masks?

I can`t wait for ME2

Ellessdee3337d ago

pfff. another great game for PC! technically PC version is better then silly 360 version !!!!!0_o!!!!! ooooooooh.

akaFullMetal3337d ago

True, usually the pc version looks better, and typically runs better.

Aquanox3337d ago

We should ban these. These aren't screenshots, there are screengrabs. Anyone can do this with a player that allows to take stills. these aren't news.

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3338d ago
Mandaspt3338d ago

One of the best games for this E3 2009.

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The story is too old to be commented.