Crackdown As You've Never Seen It Before

Digital Foundry writes:

"In the first of our technical retrospectives, Digital Foundry takes a look at Crackdown on Xbox 360. Two years on from its release, it remains an intriguing game: still state-of-the-art in some respects, but superseded by competitors in several others. It's also fair to say that from a gameplay perspective, it remains one of the single most wonderful games you can play on Xbox 360. A brand new copy can be bought for a pittance now, so if you're a newcomer to the Microsoft console, it's a must-buy."

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Marceles3337d ago

Yeah, the best thing about Crackdown was it was so underhyped from the Halo 3 beta, that no one didn't really have huge expectations for it. But it turned out to be a really good game, gotta give it its props.

36T3336d ago

I absolutely LOVE this game! Crackdown 2 at E3? Make it so Microsoft!

outlawlife3336d ago

campaign was pretty weak but just climbing around after you ahve your character built is amazing

especially after the first dlc, the harpoon gun was the most fun i've had in a sandbox game

pinning people to cars as they drive buy was sadistically satisfying

FragMnTagM3336d ago

Then driving around whilst having five to ten people pinned to your car and hitting corners and running a leg, arm or even a head sometimes was tons of fun.

GiantEnemyCrab3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

I love me some Crackdown and it is a very underrated game imo.

Not just the climbing and jumping but the vehicles as well.

The DLC is also top notch.

This game needs a true sequel but like most MS exclusives the dev's they have doing them are off on other projects and the IP just hangs in limbo. One of MS's big failings this generation.

"The night-time view of the cityscape at the end of the video exercises the full might of Crackdown's deferred rendering engine (similar techniques are found in GTAIV and Killzone 2, to name but two). In this scene, the engine is processing over 3,000 light sources. All the lights in the city, the lights from the traffic - each and every one of them has a dynamic, real-time effect on the surrounding environments. Another interesting thing to note is that if the light source itself moves off-screen, its effects still remain in the scene. Compare with Killzone 2 - should the light source move out of view, the entire effect disappears too. A similar effect is seen in the CryEngine 3 trailer released at GDC. "

Columbo3336d ago

Very true. The cell shading turned some people off to the game, but there really is some beautiful lighting and effects. I really hope they make a Crackdown 2.

caladbolg7773336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

For not owning an XBOX360, Crackdown is easily one of my favorite games of this generation. I spent almost 9 months on the QA Team for Crackdown at Microsoft Game Studios, and it was easily the best contract that I've ever had the pleasure of working. Despite being overshadowed, Crackdown is a high quality title that any gamer should take a crack at, even if just to say that they did.

Search Ebay, check Craiglist, and scour your local game store's bargain bin. If you haven't had the pleasure of playing Crackdown (and with a friend!) then you're missing out.

poopface13336d ago

wasnt expecting much, but I was amazed by it. It was soooo fun jumping and climbing around. The coolest thing was watching the agency cars transform when you get in them with a lvl 4 driving skill. Cant wait for a crackdown 2.

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