Power Trip #7: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Gamer Limit writes, "Flying, laser eyes, weather control, telepathy, magnetic manipulation. These are just a few of the abilities that mutants of the X-Men universe possess. Each is more fantastical than the last, but not every X-Men has flashy powers. In fact, one mutant I know of is nothing more than a walking blob of Jell-O, absorbing bullets and self repairing injuries effortlessly. What's more, inside that infallible husk of flesh is a skeleton the same as yours and mine, only it's made of the hardest stuff on earth; adamantium. Wolverine's durability isn't exactly the most glamorous super power, but it isn't his mutant condition that sets him apart from all others. It's his unabated rage."

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stevedawonder3338d ago

He is a bit overpowered, isn't he?

Fullish3338d ago

His is pretty much unkillable.