Inside the inFAMOUS Music

Jonathan Mayer, Music Manager for SCEA, writes:

"I've been playing and writing music for most of my life. I started playing the drums at a very young age and, as a drummer, I think I had a natural aversion to 'electronic' music when I was first turned on to it. Then one day, about ten years ago, a friend played me a record called 'Permutation' by Amon Tobin and suddenly I could see the light (and hear it, for that matter). Years later, I had the opportunity to put together a bunch of music as a style guide for Sucker Punch's new game, inFAMOUS. I did my duty as a loyal fan and peppered the style guide with some of Amon's music, not because it would have worked in the game, but because I thought the folks making the game might have the same visceral reaction to his music that I always did. I never expected that it would actually lead to us working together."

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slave2Dcontroller3402d ago

Sony could've used Jonathan Mayer or John Mayer for inFAMOUS.

*sings* We keep on watin, waaaaitin... waitin on the worls to change