Pre-E3 2009: Beyond Microsoft's Press Conference

IGN: As soon as the conference ends, we'll have exclusive previews of three of the biggest games shown during the press conference. Here's a hint: one was announced a while back, two are being announced at the show. While you'll see demos of both during the press conference, we'll have brand new bonus videos for each game and greater details. Trust us -- these games will not disappoint.

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Munky3401d ago

As a 360 owner I hope the games that are going to be shown are going to be "AAA" titles. Because as of right now i'm willing to admit that the PS3 lineup of upcoming games is pretty sick.

Kal11383401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

I hope they have more than 3 big games revealed.

Maybe: Alan Wake, Halo: ODST, Forza 3, Rare game, Big Park Studio game...

GiantEnemyCrab3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

STFU IGN stop ruining the surprise.. Between you and all these sites showing all the trailers I thought they were debuting at the show the surprise is completely ruined. I think I know MS's press conference from beginning to end now thanks to these jackass sites who can't just shut up and stop prick teasing gamers!

And yes, I will continue to stay away from your horrible 360 site and coverage. IGN sucks!


Marojado3400d ago

Regardless of your opinions of IGN, you have to admit that if they say we're not going to be disappointed they're usually right. I'm guessing we'll be in for a treat come Monday, although I'm trying to avoid having the conferences spoiled for me as well.

-MD-3400d ago

Rare better have 2 games to show after they said more than half their studio was working on unannounced games.

Freak of Nature3400d ago

Yes I agree they better have two games to show...

from what I recall they have 4 games in the works.My quess would be 2 casuals and 2 hardcore games.

We will probably see two of them,1 casual and 1 hardcore. The hardcore one will be anything from KI3,PD2,Conker,or kameo 2.

I just hope whatever it is they do showcase looks to advance the genre,and they look to bring something new to the table,take a bit of a risk,add some new gameplay mechanic.Not just go through the motions and be safe,glide by on their name alone.Just be OK or good enough.I want them to return to being a cutting edge dev house,not just a "once was" or a "meh,ok" studio....

My hopes are for Conker,but done with an all balls out effort,full backing from Microsoft and done with every resource they have...

Sony Rep3400d ago

Only three new games? hahaha. And I bet everyone already knows em.

lukewarm for sure. haha

-MD-3400d ago

Read what you wrote then shoot yourself.

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